Andhakasura’s Story

Andhakasura’s Story is mentioned in Matsya Purana and many other Scriptures. The story of Andhakasura Vadha and Chandika Devi goes like this…

Originally a darling boy of Devi Parvati, Andhakasura bacame a menace to the Universe. In a playful mood, she closed Shiva’s eyes and the perspiration on the latter’s forehead created a boy of muscular strength called Andhaka. Parvati nurtured the boy with affection and care.

When the Daitya King Hiranyaksha pleased Maha Deva with the King’s rigorous Tapasya for several years and obtained the boons of longevity and invincibilty, Lord Shiva also gifted Andhaka to the King to assist him and treat him as his own son.

Together, both Hirankasha and Andhaka conquered the Three worlds and the former even sought to pull down Bhumi besides Vedas and Scriptures to Rasatala and Vishnu had to assume the Form of Varaha and destroyed Hiranyaksha. Andhaka then resorted to severe Tapasya and obtained the boon that none other than Shiva could kill him.

Empowered with the boon, Andhaka became arrogant and tormented Devas and Rishis even ignoring Parvati and Shiva. Meanwhile Daitya Guru Shukracharya pleased Maha Deva with his meditation and secured ‘Mrita Sanjeevani’ Vidya and stalled the killings of Daitya-Danavas and revived the dead ones also.

A fiery Shiva was incensed that the Vidya was being misused and killed Shukracharya; as he was being killed, the Guru expressed his sincere regret and the merciful Shiva released the Guru through his semen. Shiva then applied his Trident and killed Andhakasura but thanks to his boon of Brahma, the Daitya multipled himself for each drop of his blood.

Maha Deva had then to instruct Devi Chandika to expand her tongue and drenched out the blood of Andakasura’s body totally. Shiva lifted the body of the Demon as the latter prayed to Maha Deva to grant him admission to Siva Ganas.

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