Ancient Hindu Princes

The details about Ancient Hindu Princes can be read in Puranas and in other holy texts. Most of the princes would have very good features, and worship their parents similar to the god and goddess, and give great respect to their region’s people. They will be having great bhakti on god, and worship the divine deities regularly. They would also take part in the construction of the temples along with their father, and eagerly performs the pujas and other temple related activities.

They would learn all the necessary subjects at their young age itself from a proper guru. They would have great skills in warfare, and would prove their bravery during the times of battles. They will never think about their own life, but they would concentrate their attention on the welfare of their kingdom. Even if they get wounded or lose their body organs, they would never feel depressed, and would participate in the successive wars.

We can take the example of Abhimanyu, the great son of Arjuna, who went to the war at his young age itself, and bravely fought with the warriors and finally killed in the Kurukshetra war, and attained a heroic death. Similar to that, lot of princes were sacrificed their lives in the battle field, even before enjoying the pleasures in the world.

The great Lord Rama, went to the forest as a prince, and suffered lot of problems in the dense forests. For 14 years of exile period, he didn’t enjoy any sort of pleasures, and even he didn’t have proper foot to eat, and he slept in the forest by creating temporary tents. He is still now remembered for his great sacrifice, and for his contribution to the mankind, by way of giving us the divine epic “RAMAYAN”.

Hence let us salute the noble princes who lived in the ancient period and be blessed.

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