Anaya Nayanar | Anaya | Anayar

Anaya Nayanar, is a Shaivite Saint, and is considered as one among the 63 Nayanars. He used to play Lord Shiva’s names and his mantra on his flute, and he appears similar to Lord Krishna.


Anaya belonged to Yadava Community. Anaya was born and brought up in Trichy. Trichy contains several holy temples like Malaikottai Vinayaka Temple. And also contains Samavedeshvarar Temple, a famous Shiva temple. He used to take care of his cows and with the cow’s milk, he earned for his livelihood and he gave some milk for Lord Shiva’s abhishekham in the Samavardeshvarar Temple. Anayar used to apply sacred ash on his body, and wears Rudraksha in his neck. And he was very much interested in playing flute in praise of Lord Shiva. Due to his melodious music, people from nearby villages were also got attracted and listened to his music.

His music mesmerized even the animals and the birds, and it all surrounds him and listens to his music. It is believed that even the Demigods from the heaven appeared in front of him to listen to his flute music. In appreciation to his sincere and pure bhakti, Lord Shiva appeared with Mata Parvati, and blessed Anayar. After his death, he reached KAILASA, the holy abode of Lord Shiva. In Shiva Temples, Anaya Nayanar idol was crafted similar to Lord Krishna, since both of them were postured in the form of playing flute.

Anaya Nayanar is specially worshipped in the Tamil month of Karthigai and also worshipped by the people in all other days in the Shiva temples along with other nayanmars.


Apart from taking care of cows and playing flute in praise of shiva, he was a good natured and soft spoken person. He was a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva and his thoughts were always on him. He never thought about unwanted things, and dedicated his entire life on devoting Lord Shiva.

Let us worship the great nayanar saint and be blessed.

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