Akashavani | Divine Voice from Sky

We would have read in the Puranas and in other holy texts that sometimes, people would hear the divine voice from the sky and it would give them a warning message, and also would give a chance to the bad ones to correct their bad habits.

According to Srimad Bhagavatham, once when King Kamsa was riding the chariot to his palace, along with his cousin sister, Devaki and her consort Vasudeva, he heard a divine voice from sky, stating that one of the sons of Devaki, would destroy him in future. After hearing the divine message, he didn’t try to correct himself, but he tried to kill his sister Devaki, but he was stopped by Vasudeva, and finally he was killed in the hands of Lord Krishna.

God is giving lot of opportunities even to the bad people to correct their behaviour, but since they are not willing to utilise the opportunity, they had been killed by the god himself. Even at the time of testing the chastity of Ma Sita, Lord Rama and others heard the divine voice, and it told the significance of Ma Sita, and her holiness.

When ancient Puranic kings used to give judgement to the prisoners they would pray to the almighty to help them to give the correct judgement, and most of the time, they would hear the divine voice from sky, and it would give the valid judgement. Based on the message delivered by the divine voice, the kings would either punish the prisoners or otherwise release them, and it was happened during the rule of King Bharata, who ruled the ancient Bharat, and he is well known for his kindness, braveness and generosity. During his period, the earth mother was very much pleased by his acts, and hence she made the crops to proper grow in all the seasons, and she also made the infertile lands into fertile.

But nowadays, even if we hear the divine voice from the sky, we would avoid it, by thinking that the noise was produced by some humans. That’s why at this present situation, we are not able to hear any divine voice from the sky.


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