Aiyarappar Temple, Thiruvaiyaru

The famous Aiyarappar temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and it is situated in Tiruvaiyaru village. As usual, Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of lingam and Ma Parvati is famously known as Dharmasamvardhini. This temple was praised in Tevaram, which was written by Tamil Shaivite saints, who are popularly called as the nayanars and they have gloried Lord Shiva by singing songs in praise of him.

This temple is also called as the Kailash of the South. At this famous place, Shiva Vahana, Nandi was born and became the Divine Vehicle for Lord Shiva, and the divine wedding of Lord Nandi and Suyasayambikai was held at Thirumazhapadi Vaidyanathaswamy temple. There are many wall inscriptions found in this temple which describes the rich art and architecture of the temple. This temple was believed to have been built by the Cholas, and later it was expanded by the Thanjavur Nayak Kings during 16th century AD.

This is a big temple, and apart from the main shrines, it contains various other shrines also. The temple follows six daily rituals from 5:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., and twelve yearly festivals are grandly celebrated at this temple. As per ancient legend, once when the temple priest went on to Kashi for a pilgrimage, he was very much worried for his inability to perform the puja. But Lord Shiva took the form of the priest during the time of his absence, and he himself served as the temple priest! At this present place once Appar, had got the divine vision of Lord Shiva and for his eyes the place was appeared like the Holy Mountain Kailash. Sundarar is also supposedly said to have been visited this temple and performed puja to the Lord on his own hands. This temple has become popular since it is situated on the northern banks of River Kaveri.

On the banks of the river, a samadhi shrine for Sri Thyagaraja, the great saint and Carnatic music composer is situated. It is believed that this temple was visited by celestials like Indra, Chandra and Surya, and worshipped Lord Aiyarappar. Saint Adishankara visited this temple, and he stayed for a few days at this temple. Mahashivaratri is the main festival celebrated at the temple.


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