Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple Story (Sthala Puranam, Kshetra Mahatmyam)

Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple Story (Sthala Puranam, Kshetra Mahatmyam) is given here. There are many versions of stories associated with Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple.

Story of Daksha and Ainavilli Vinayaka

Before performing Daksha Yagna Daksha Prajapati was supposed to have performed puja of Vinayaka at this place for its successful completion. This is written in the “KSHETRA PURANA” of this place.

Story of Vyasa Maharshi and Ainavilli Vinayaka

There is another story that Vyasa Maharshi, during the beginning of his tour of the South, had installed the Son of Parvati at this place and this age – old “SIDDI VINAYAKA” is reputed to fulfill the wishes of his devotees.

Story of Sripada Srivallabha and Ainavilli Vinayaka

Ainavilli Vinayaka Temple was mentioned in ‘Sripada Srivallabha Charitra’, a 14th century’s scripture by Shankara Bhattu. According to this scripture, Sripada Srivallabha Swamy mentioned that he was incarnated on ‘Bhadrapda Shuddha Chavithi’ (Vinayaka Chavithi).

In a spacious, elevated area, this temple of Vinayaka stands with idol facing South. With two gopurams and gates, one can approach Vinayaka from the south and Sri Visveswara Swamy from the East.

In the same compound is situated Sri Devi, Bhudevi with Sri Kesava Swamy. By the side are situated Sri Annnapurna Devi. Sri Kalabhairava Swamy and Kshetrapalaka are situated by the side.Special Pujas are performed every month on Chaviti, Dasami, Ekadasi days.

During Vinayaka Chavithi Navarathri, Karthika Masam, Prabha festival on Sankranthi and Sivarathri special archanas are performed.

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