Ahoi Ashtami Puja Procedure | How to do Ahoi Ashtami Puja

Ahoi Ashtami is dedicated to worship Ahoi Bhagwati or Ahoi Mata. Ahoi Ashtami is observed on Kartik Krishna Ashtami. This festival is observed mainly in North India. Ahoi Ashtami 2022 date is October 17.

The puja procedure and rituals of Ahoi Mata Puja on Ahoi Ashtami may differ from region to region but the general procedure of Puja is given here.

Ahoi Ashtami fast or Upvaas is very similar to Karva Chauth vrat. Mothers observe fast on Ahoi Ashtami day for wellbeing of their children. They wake up before the Sunrise and go to temples to offer prayers to Ahoi Mata.

Some people perform Ahoi Bhagwati Puja at their homes. They draw a picture of Ahoi Bhagwati at a sacred and sanctified place in their puja rooms and a bowl of water is placed on it. Printed images and posters of Ahoi Bhagwati Mata are also available nowadays. A red coloured thread which is applied with turmeric powder in both the edges is wrapped around the bowl of water.

Women offer fresh vegetables and food recipes as Naivedya to Ahoi Mata and worship the image drawn (or any picture of Ahoi Mata) on the wall or at puja place. Kheer (Ksheeranna – boiled rice with sugar) is used as Nivedana material.

After that, all the women listen to the story of Ahoi Mata which is recited by an elderly lady. The women break their fast in the evening after seeing the Moon and stars in the sky.

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