Agneyi | Daugher of Agnideva

Ma Agneyi is the daughter of Lord Agni Bhagavan, and the details about her were mentioned in Vishnu Purana. She is the wife of Rishi Uru,and her children are Khyaati, Kratu and Sibi. Lord Agni is the fire god, and an ancient Vedic deity. In ancient times, Agneyi is worshipped along with her father, and she was mentioned in the Rig Veda, and still now, during the recital of Vedic Hymns, her name is also mentioned along with Agni Deva, and she also receives her share of oblation from the fire sacrifices.

Ma Agneyi is considered as a pious and chaste woman goddess, and she contains the features of Ma Shakti Devi. In the Agni Purana, Ma Agneyi is described as a very beautiful and a noble woman. Similar to Ma Draupadi, she was born from the fire yagna, and she is the beloved daughter of Lord Agni Bhagavan and Ma Swaha, the consort of Lord Agni Bhagavan.

In Hinduism, there are numerous women sages and goddesses. All of them contain great powers, and through their chastity, they would be able to burn the entire universe, and they would worship their husbands similar to the deities. Lord Indra considered Ma Agneyi as his own daughter, and during the time of her marriage with Rishi Uru, all the demigods including Indra were present, and they have blessed the holy couple.

She is also considered similar to Ma Arundhati, consort of Rishi Vashishta, and acted as a dutiful wife to her husband Uru. It is also believed that she used to cook the raw rice without the help of fire, through her spiritual powers. Once the divine demigods wanted to test her chastity, and hence, few of them have took the form of her husband Uru and appeared before her. But with her supreme powers, she was able to recognize them, and offered her great respects to them. The demigods praised for her holiness, and granted few boons to her and then disappeared.After her husband Uru, came to know about these incident, he also appreciated for her sincere Pati Bhakti, and treated her in a kind manner.


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