Adi Vel Festival – Hindu Festival during Aadi Month in Colombo Sri Lanka

Adi Vel is a colorful Hindu festival celebrated in Colombo, Sri Lanka, during Aadi month of Tamil calendar. The festival of Adi Vel will be celebrated in Colombo after 16 years. Due to the terrorism in Sri Lanka, Hindus stopped celebrating the festival.

In 2011, the Adi Vel procession started from Sri Bala Kathirgama Thevasthanam on July 16 morning. The chariot passed along Point Pedro road and reached Veeramakali Amman Kovil at noon. From there, the chariot passed along the main roads in the Jaffna Bazaar and reached Vannai Sivan kovil at 6 pm. In the morning of July 17 the chariot passed along the Jaffna Kankesanthurai road and reached Kokuvil Manchavanapathy Murugan temple.

They spent the night at the Murugan temple. July 18 the chariot proceeded to Thirunelvely Arasady Sivanamisundari Amman temple. At 4.30 in the evening the chariot passed along Kaliyankaddu road and reached Bala Kathirgama Thevasthanam.

The Vel was received all along routes with “Poorana Kumbam” and offerings of milk rice, fruits and camphor.

Nallur Festival is another grand Hindu festival celebrated in Sri Lanka. It is celebrated in Nallur Kandaswamy Temple in Jaffna area.

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  1. Daran says:

    Adi Vel not stopped by hindus but due to the Sinhalese majority peoples attrocities.

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    adi festivals celebrated in sri lanka – date

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    aucipioucs day in the month of adi 2013

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    adi festival in hindu calendar in month of aashar