Accommodation at Pithapuram Temple

Accommodation at Pithapuram Temple, Guest houses at Pithapuram temple, A/C rooms near Pithapuram Kukkuteshwara Swamy Devasthanam.

There are not many options regarding ac accommodation s in Pithapuram, by the Devasthanam rooms which are very limited in number i.e. 1 A/C room and 8 Non A/C rooms, one can either book their hotel rooms in Kakinada, where there are lot of options or book their rooms at Paduka Mandir, a newly constructed two-storied residential complex for the devotees comprising of 16 rooms, 2 big halls was built in the Samsthan premises with all amenities.

For booking of rooms of the Devasthanam, one can contact or callthe Executive Officer:

East Godavari District
Tel: +08869 – 252477

For booking of rooms at Mahasamsthanam:
Temple Authorities Manager,
Sri Pada Vallabha Anaga Datha Kshetram,
Pithapuram-533 450
East Godavari District
Phone No :08869-250855

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  1. M L Karthik says:

    I need to book accomodation for 13 devotees who are travelling during the end of this month to Peethapuram and other holy places in the erstwhile AP. Please let me know details of temple accommodation.


  2. Sitesh Sathe says:

    I along with my old age mother

  3. Sitesh Sathe says:

    I, my old aged mother and tow family member wants to come on 30th July 2015 & till 2nd August I want nearest accommodation so please guide me

  4. Yogesh says:

    We r arriving at pitapuram on 18th July,looking for accommodation booking .Please help us

  5. Ravindra B Desai says:

    We friends of 4 pacs coming pithapuram on 3 Aug 2015.
    Sir, Pl. guide us for accomodation for one night hault.

  6. m.chandra sekhar says:

    Dear Sir,

    I want to stay for 3 days for Dhyanam at Pithapuram, the days are 10,11,12 of this month. so,plz guide me to stay there.

    thanking you,

  7. Ashwini says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are coming to Pithapuram on 27th March to 28th March, pl guide us.


  8. Anagha Sant says:

    Dear Sir,
    My family members(5) want to stay at Pithapuram,near temple so that they can participate in all Poojas right from Kakad Aarati in the dawn.dates-4,5,6,7 March 2016.
    Guide me please.

  9. rakhmaji jadhav says:

    We had reach on 17th feb2016 at 6.30p.m at samancote. Pithapurr 11 Pearson .we want nearest accommodation.

  10. shailesh I gajare says:

    SIR WE ARE 5 People including my senior citizen Mother as well as Aunty and his son and driver. we are comming by road so approximately we would be reaching pithapuram temple on 29/05/2016 and we want to halt for one night. Please guide us for the accomodation for 5 people in A/c Room.


    Dear sir ,my family members (6) want to stay at temple at date 11,12,13 July 2016.pls guide me!

  12. G.Kanaka Durga says:

    Sir I am G Kanaka Durga from Hyd booked our tickets to Pithapuram Sri Pada Sri Vallabha’ Darshan. Arriving at Pithapuram 24th June Friday.stay for 2 days. 24th n 25th June. Please provide boarding for 6 people of family all ladies aged about 50 to 60 yrs. My mail address please confirm me through mail or phone number

  13. kedar joshi says:

    Good Morning sir,
    We are coming 2 persons at Pithapuram on 18 August 2016 . and we want to stay at pithapuram near Mahasansthanam so that can participate Kakadaarti, in all Poojas . we want to stay 3 days . Date – 18 August To 20 August 2016. I kindly request you to help us near accomodation. and i m waiting your reply given Mobile No.- 8793857584. and email id –

  14. Mr Mangesh S Thengal says:

    We are two person I.e me and my a nd spouse cooking on dy 11-09-16 to pithapuram pl two persons accommodation self contain room arrange for me two days pl co operate we cooking from mumbai. Pl confirm with me on email. Thanking you Regards
    Mangesh Thengal 9819515534.7021622887

  15. Yuraj Ghige, poona, maharashtra says:

    we 5 people are comming for shripada shrivallabha at pithapuram on 11 November 2016 and we want 2 rooms for halt. please co-oprite. and hopes for reply.

  16. Dilip Zirale says:

    Dear Sir, We are coming on 18/09/ samancote at 9.00a.m. We want to hault for one night.We are 6 peoples. Piease Guide us for accomodation for 3 couples i e 6 A/C rooms.or any good accomodation.Thanking you.

  17. pralhad tulshiram malekar says:

    Respected sir,
    on dte 08/11/2016 we are coming to darshan in evening at 6pm so please you give us room on the date 08/11/2016 to 10/11/2016. we are seven people all r gents. so im requsting that please the room on non-ac

    yours faithfully..
    pralhad tulshiram malekar’
    parbhani maharashtra

  18. Roopa says:

    Dear Sir, we are 4 of us and will be reaching pithapuram on 8th, we need 2 rooms. Kindly book in the name of Roopa.N


  19. Mukund R Kulkarni says:

    Dear Sir my self with my spouse i.e 2 persons are coming on 18/10/16 at 8.30 pm i.e night at temple for days i.e 19/10 & 20/10 please provide us one non ac room for that period . We are coming from Nasik Maharashtra.
    with kind regards
    Mukund R Kulkarni
    mobile no. 09420470793

  20. Vasant yeshvant kingaonkar says:

    Dear sir,
    We are four persons coming to pithapuram for darshan. We will be reaching pithapuram on 3rd November 2016 evening.
    Kindly book one or two rooms in bhaktaniwas for 3 days.
    Please confirm the room booking by return mail.
    Thanks vasant kingaonkar Aurangabad, Maharashtra

  21. Mukund R Kulkarni says:

    Dear Sir My self Mukund R Kulkarni with my spouse is coming on 18 th oct 16 at 8.30 pm. Please provide accommodation for 3 days i.e. upto 21 st oct 16.
    Please confirm the availability.
    Mukund R Kulkarni
    Mob no. 09420470793

  22. Vijay Mane says:

    Shree gurudev dutta,
    We are coming to darshan on 11.11.16 to 13.11.16. We are two families along with small children.pls give room to us

  23. Milind Ekbote says:

    we came 1st time at pithapuram darshnam on 5 Nov. with family of total 5 members we stay for two nights pl. give us a ( non a/c) room

  24. RGDeshpande says:

    We want 1 Ac room for 3 persons on 28/11/2016.We will check out on 29/11. Please you help us

  25. Dattatraya sonar says:

    We want 2rooms from 9/11/2016 to 11/11/2016 kindly contact if rooms are available we r waiting for reply

  26. Namasthet sir says:

    Namasthey sir
    I want accommodation
    In pitapuram
    I am coming to temple from
    My email address

  27. Wman Rao Nyalkalkar says:


    I am coming to Peethapuram with my family on 25-11-2016 by East Coast Express. We are six persons. We need accomodation in Peethapuram. We will check out on 27-11-2016 at 7 AM. we need a A/C or Non A/C room. Kindly contact us. Waaiting for your reply. My Cell No. 9440396148

  28. Mr satish vaidya says:

    sir,, we want 3 ac room for two days on 28 and 29 nov 16for seven gents persons.kindly know how to book the rooms and get confirmation. No. 09404420814

  29. Nagesh Pai says:

    Greeting Mahasansthanam,

    During Deepawali on 30th Oct.16, we had traveled from Vijaywada to Pithapuram taking my old mother to show Shri Sripad Vallab temple.
    However, it was too tiresome and reached at 7.30pm and we reached Kukkuteshwar temple and offered our prayers.
    We could not see anything else and later I came to know from Internet that we missed to see Shri Sripad Vallab temple which we had intended to visit.
    It was very unfortunate and felt bad that I could not show it to my mother, 82 years, who is a great deevotee of the guru all her life.
    Hence I prayed to God that I take her and my wife again to Pithapuram and show the total holy place. I have booked the train from Pune to Samalkota and wish to stay at your Sansthanam.
    We will reach Samalkota on 26th Jan 17 morning and would travel to Pithapuram by rickshaw or a taxi.
    We request for 1 a/c room for 3 of us on 26th and 27th Jan 17 (2 days).
    Request to kindly help us in accommodation. We will checkout earlier morning 28th and has a train from Kakinad to Pune.

    Request to do the needful.

    Thanks and Warm Regards,

    Nagesh V Pai

  30. kishor popatlal doshi says:

    I am comming to Pithapuram with my family friends on 26th Dec 2016 by rail. We are 13 persons i.e. 4 families. We need accomodation in Peethapuram. We will check out on 27th Dec 2016 at 8.00 p.m. Kindly contact us. Waiting for your reply.


  31. adishankar avadootha says:

    Dear sir, please book 2rooms for 7 persons coming from vijaywada at today midnight at 28-11-2016.The name of the persom is:Mr.VENKATA SAI NAGA MANI RAO
    Ph. no:9490366477

  32. mahesh natu says:

    Request for room booking wef 02 DEC to 04 DEC 16 any room

  33. Swapnali Rangnekar says:

    Dear Sir,
    We are planning to Pithpuram on 27th of February, 2017 for four days. We are 30 memebers and out of this 25 members are above 50 to 60 year old. Sir, can you arrange non ac rooms for us accordingly in Mahasansthanam.
    Hope you will give us positive reply.

    Swapnali Rangnekar.
    My email id is
    Mobile no. is 9819415756/9869288822

  34. Sudhakar S Patil, Thane Maharashtra says:

    Guru Dev Dutta….

    We require 4 rooms from 22.02.16 to 27.02.16 for 8 adults

  35. Banthia Kailas S says:

    Resp sir,
    I m from Maharashtra, I’m willing to come at puthapur on 15th Feb 7.30 pm, and after Pooja we will return back on 16 th Feb 7 pm.
    We R six members, we R requesting for a/ c room,
    In our group there is peteint( my sister), who needs a/ c accommodation.

    Kindly reply.

    Yours faithfully
    Banthia kailas S

  36. Dr.J P BAXI says:

    Respected sir,

    We are the residents of Karanja lad the birthplace of Shri Nrusinha Saraswati Gurumaharaj. We wish to visit the birthplace and devasthana of shripad Shrivallabha on 7th March2017. We require accommodation for 3 families(seven persons) I therefore request you to book 3 a/c rooms in the name of Dr.J.P.BAXI.We are reaching at Peethapuram on 7th March2017 by 11.00 a.m.
    I will be thankful to you if you extend this favor and avail accommodation in the Bhaktnivas.

  37. R k Gadade says:

    Dear sir,
    I am coming to pithapuram on 12th feb 2017 at 9.00am. Pl arrange accommodation for my family total 04 person in bhakti was.

  38. R k Gadade says:

    I with my family ( total 04 person ) coming to pithapuram on 12th feb 2017 at 9.00am and leaving on 13th morning. Required room at devsthan dharmshala.

  39. Mrs Shailaja D Vaychal says:

    We are to coming Pitapuram on 15thMarch 2017. in the morning. Request to kindly help for accommodation of 2AC rooms for 15th &16March.
    Request to do the needful
    Warm regards
    Shailaja V

  40. Sunil Deshpande says:

    I came 25/2/2017 .we want one room

  41. Punetha says:

    Dear sir ..We r 2 of us…husband and wife from Malaysia …coming to pithapuram to take
    Sri padavallahbar’s Darshan today 17th Feb 2017…kindly book 1 room..Thank you . ..Jaya guru datta. .

  42. VIJAY govindrao BANGALE NANDED maharashtra says:

    Sir, we request you to book 2 A/C or non A/C rooms for 4 persons consisting 2 ladies and 2 gents from 20/02/2017 to 22/02/2017 as we are coming from Nanded {Mah} for darshan. we will check out on 23/02/2017 in the morning.
    please do the needful and advise by mail.
    with regards
    Vijay Bangale
    Mob. 9422171458/ 7218662520

  43. Ramchandra Marotirao Pawar says:

    Myself and my wife are coming on 26/3/2017,in morning by LTT-Vishakapatnam. We will halt on 26th and 27th march.We will check-out on 27th march by 7pm to 8pm.We need an AC/NON-AC room. Please contact me,my cell no 09421315936/09822111994.Im waiting for your reply.

  44. Pradipphadke says:

    I wants to visit with my wife 0n 13 08 2017 to 15 08 2017 for darshan

  45. Prof. Milind Joshi says:

    Sir, we need an AC/NON AC room for three men. We r gonna halt on 18,19,20 & 21th May.
    Please contact me. Here is my cell no. 9423494104.
    I’ll be waiting for ur call.

  46. ANIKET GARUD says:


  47. Krishnaraj Jadhav says:

    I am visiting Pithapuram on 15/5/2017 to 20/5/2017 5 dyas.We are family of 3 persons.I want to book 1 AC room for 5 days. My Mobile no is 9850814808 . or contact me by emAIL

  48. Gaurav Joshi says:

    Dear Sir,

    We are coming Pithapuram on 23 June 2017 in the morning. Request to you kindly help for accommodation of 3 AC rooms for 23 to 26 June. . .
    Request to do the needful. . .

    Warm Regards,
    Gaurav Joshi

  49. Mrs.Akshata Sandeep Paranjpe says:

    Sir,I am coming from thane(mah) for darshan on 8/6/17.I request you to book 2 a/c or non a/c rooms for 4 persons,myself with my husband,son and my old father.We will halt on 8th and 9th and we will check out on 10th in the morning.My mobile no. is 9867489670.I am waiting for your reply

  50. Ganesh Yelane says:

    I am coming to Pithapuram with my family on 04-06-17 we are 5 person. We need accomodation in Pithapuram we will Cherie out on 06-06-17 we need AC or non AC room Kindle contact is cell no 9923683066

  51. Ramesh Limaye says:

    We are reaching by godavari express to devsthan on 12th August 2017,in mid night but try to reach there by early morning,we myself and my wife Will be there,we will stay 12th 13 the up to evening, I want a room for these two days.i hope you will confirm my reservation. My cell number is 9425322189, please inform me by message. Thanks Ramesh m Limaye Indore Madhya Pradesh.

  52. NILAY THAKOR says:

    respected sir, we seven member come pithapuram at 23 june 2017. we want to stey their at least five days in no. of three ac room. please inform how can book room their and make payements. thanking you. my cell no. is 9428058557.


    dear sir,
    My self Rakeshkumar Pandya (with four other people) comming on 16-7-2017 at 9.00 p.m. with train number 18401 puri/okha express….we need ac/non ac two rooms[(5 adults)( 3-male/2-female)].

    we will staying there at date 16-7-17 to 20-7-17.My contact number is 09924186166/09429306267.

    please contact me..i am waiting for your reply.

    thank you

  54. Jayashri Kalshetti says:

    We are coming from Solpaur in the morning on 24.06.2017. We will halt on 24 and 25 June 2017 We request u Sir to book one room for us. My contact no is 9422644639

  55. Yamini Moghe says:

    Dear sir we are requested to book 2 rooms for 6 peoples we are coming from pune on 2augest17 please book the rooms

  56. Arvind Powde says:

    We are 9 people mostly sr citizens coming to Pithapuram on 2.8.2017 morning 3 pm & leaving same day 7 pm . Can we request you to book rooms for us?
    We are coming to Pithapuram rail station at 2.36 am.

  57. Umakant joshi says:

    We are to coming pithapuram on 7th July 17 evening 8pm .with my family total 8 persons
    Request to kindly help for accommodation of 4rooms non a/c from 7th July evening to 10july till morning.

    Request to do the needful.

    Warm regards
    Umakant joshi
    NASIK (mah)
    Mob 8856878123

  58. Pratima godse says:

    Myself pratima godse with more three more e ladies visiting pithapuram on 10 th July I need accommodation for 4 person for one night that is on 10 th July .A/C accommodation preferable .non A/ c will do .pl contact me on my cell no 9511911511/ email ID is pratima_godse @ .I will wait for your response

  59. Rajesh Shahapure says:

    For room booking at date

  60. Rajesh Shahapure says:

    Dear sir
    We are from solapur district in maharashtra we are 6 person
    We request for a room for date
    4.8.2017 at 6 pm to 5.8.2017 9 pm
    My cell number 9881514415
    I am wetting for your reply
    Thanking you

  61. Girish C Vaidya says:

    Myself and wife are coming to pithapuram on 7th August and we will stay there for two days i.e 7 and 8th August. We will check out on 9 the August morning by 7 am. We required Ac or non AC room (one room) my name Girish Vaidya and wife name Gauri Vaidya and my contact no 8879679263. Kindly confirm the booking ASAP. Awaiting for your reply

  62. pushkar umrekar says:

    i am pushkar umrekar resident at nagpur maharashtra me and my family about 10 person coming in 17/07/2017 to 19/07/2017 from two days so please contact me my mobile no 7745013400, 9422915073
    thankin you

  63. Vidya sadashiv khandake says:

    We are from mahashtra ee are 9 persons we want room in pithapuram sansthanam from 7 to 9 aug 17

  64. says:

    r/sir my self r.m.limaye and my wife mrs uma limaye ,reaching to pithapuram by godavari express on 12th midnight from hydrabad, we reqired a room. from 12th to 13th evening. may i reqest you for the e;mail id is, i hope you will consider my reqest thanks.

  65. Nikhil Tengshe says:

    Hello, I am going to come Pithapuram with my spouse on 7th Aug 2017 for Darshan . We will be reaching there on 6th August 2017 at 9:00 pm & will do check out on 7th August 2017 at 9:00pm. So request you to provide accommodation as mentioned above.Waiting for your revert. For any further details please contact us on below number.

    Nikhil – +919823311160

  66. Keshav nirgude says:

    Sir we reguest you to book room no ac 2 adult 2 child coming on 6/08/17 morning and checkout 7/08/17 evening Sri gurudev

  67. Madhura Bapat says:

    Hello we five person are coming to pithapuram on 6th aug. We want to book room for five person for one night and one day. Two female and three mail. Pls give reply we are waiting. Regards Mrs m m Bapat

  68. subhash pande says:

    We are from nagpur maharashtra and want to visit pithapuram datta devsthan on
    7 8 17 to 9 8 17 . We are total 13 to 15 persons. We want an accommodation whether in rooms or in hall . Please convey confirmation on my mobile 9960313547 subhash pande

  69. Yogini Babrekar says:

    I am yogini babrekar . My group has 12 person .i need room 7 Aug to 9Aug . Please inform me as soon as possible my contact no 9552458137

  70. Kishor Madhusudan Dhokale says:

    Dear Sir,
    My self and my friend are coming on 12 Aug.2017 at .6.00pm how can i book accomodation.we are starting from Pithapuram on 13 Aug.2017. Please confirm /book my request for lodging from 12/13 Aug 2017 for two person ( Male).
    Kishor Madhusudan Dhokale
    B.No.55,Near Mahesh Nagar,Pimpri-Pune411018
    cell no. 982338148

  71. Pramod Gawali says:

    I need to book accommodation for 25-28 devotees for reading of GURUCHARITRAY PARAYAN for 3 days.We arriving on 26 dec.17 at 1900 hrs.can we book 4 days ( 26.,27,28 and 29.12.2017).pl contact me 9423207805 or and am waiting your reply.

  72. Neha karandikar says:

    Namaskar. Pl tell me how to book acvomodation in mandir premises. Thanks.

  73. Jagannath P Lone says:

    Sir , we request you to book 2ac or non ac rooms for 5 person consisting 2 ladies and 3gents from 4/9/17pm to 6/9/17am. Please contact mmy cell no -9325489936.I am wating for your reply.

  74. Upendra Joshi says:

    Gurudev Dart. I UPENDRA JOSHI- M/63 along with my wife NANDINI JOSHI -F/61 coming from Hyderabad by 20:30 Wednesday 5th, tonight for Darshan & return back on 8th morning SATURDAY 06:30am.
    We need single double bed room .
    Please book for us.


    Temple authority pithapuram
    I 48 years with my husband 53 years old coming to darshan on 8th Sept morning by 8;0 clock
    Will leave on 9 the Sept morning by 9 am me please arrange for AC room
    We both are partially handicap
    Please arrange for 1 ac room

  76. VIJAY THETE says:


  77. Laxmi mukunds says:

    We want to stay one night in sripadavallabha ashramam is there any free rooms?

  78. Deepak Digambar Joshi says:

    Sir, I along with my family members total twelve adult members are going to visit devasthan on 11/11/2017 by LTT-Vishakhapattanam Exp. and our stay will be there till 13/11/2017. I, shall be highly obliged if you book three or at least two rooms for us for the period of our stay there. I will pay the necessary charges after arrival there if A/C. Rooms for us are booked.
    My Mobile No. 9423004794.
    My Name : Deepak Digambar Joshi.
    Mail I’D :

  79. Andankar PV says:

    Dear sir
    we are 6 persons ( 3 ladies & 3 Male ) reaching pithapuram on 2nd Nov.17, please arrange accomodtion,confirm accomodation on Mob. 8975063273 Purushottam Andankar

  80. Srinivas Gajam says:

    Hello Sir/Madam,
    Request you to please book 2 A/C rooms. We will check-in on 16th October and check-out on 18th October.
    Below is my contact number for reference. Please call.


  81. Shridhar Govind Tokhe says:

    For room booking 5 person at date 21/10 17 after 2pm

  82. Shridhar Govind Tokhe says:

    Resp.sir .I. S.G.Tikhe from Pune lonikalbhor coming at pithapur dated 21/10/17 at 2pm plise reserve or allot me one room for one night for my 5 femili members my no. No.09371024967

  83. Manohar.wankhede says:

    Sir,we are coming from aurangabad Maharashtra on 28.10.2017.we want accommodation for 3 persons on 28 & 29.10.2017. Our return journey from samalkot on 30.10.2017 at 5.00 morning. Thanks.Manohar.


    We 13 to 14 people comming to pithapuram darshan on 12-12-2017 after noon & leave 14-12-2017 morning we want accomodatin at sansthan please let us know the booking confiramation rooms or dormatry I Rajendra Kohale from Nagpur my email id is pl let us know. Mobile No. 9423063387

  85. Dr.M.S.Rao+10male+10female persons says:

    Please notify we are around twenty devotees coming on eighteenth visit please suggest to book accomodation for us.we will return on nineteenth December.
    Mobile .9325564555

  86. Sadanand Yashwant Desai says:

    Booking for stay of 2 Persons.
    Date: 15th November 7.00 am to 18th November 9.00 pm

  87. Nilesh Gaikwad says:

    Reps,Sir I’m from Maharashtra , Kolhapur ,my family members come at Pithampur ,date 07november 2017 morning we r nine members (9)so far I request for the Room,or guesthouse my contact number 9326660675

  88. Smt. Sunita Rathor says:

    Namskaram Anna, I am from Nagpur Maharashtra, coming to Peethapuram on 02/12/2017 and will stay there on 02.12.17 and 03/12/2017, we are 4 members need AC/Non-AC room. Please do the needful, Sir waiting for reply. Thanking you.

    SA Rathor,

  89. Bhimasen V Shinde says:

    Sir, Madam,
    We are arriving at Pithapuram on 30th December 2017 and will stay upto 31st December 2017. We are 6 people viz. 1. Bhimasen Shinde, 2. Mrs. Mangala B Shinde, 3. Rajendra Shinde, 4. Mrs. Rupalee Mulay Shinde,5. Amogh Shinde, 6. Prashant Mulay. We will require 2 rooms (pl note Amogh is less than 2 years old). Hence can you book 2 rooms for us, and please let us know the amount that we need to send across for this booking. We shall appreciate if you can confirm and acknowledge to us at eMail ID, or on cell no. 9371015651 (available on what ap as weel). Many thanks,

    Bhimasen Shinde, 9371015651, address: 24 B Bahar, Rajpath Socty, Paramhans Nagar lane no.5, Pune 411038, Maharashtra.

  90. Ajitkumar Kadam. says:

    Dear Sir, we four people (3 ladies & 1 jent) coming to pithapur on 1st December 2017.for DATTJAYANTI so please can you arrange 4beds in pithapur sansthanam accommodation. we are wanted to stay up to 3rd December I Will pay you as per your ruls & regulations.

  91. Gvlrao says:

    Can I get accommodation on 20 12 2017 ?
    My contract no is 9440882501.
    Awaiting your reply

  92. radhika says:

    respected sir, i am from hyderabad . i want to do pinda pradanam for my parents in pithapuram on amavasya in january 2018. what is the procedure and to whom i have to contact. is the purohitulu for this available in pithapuram can i have the details and contact no,s please . any accommodation available here for this purpose.can u guide me sir.

  93. pankaj subhash bondge says:

    I am pankaj form Maharashtra , pune
    my family members come at Pithampur ,date of 27-01-2018 morning & leaving next day 28 jan.2018. we r Ten members (10)(3 male & 6 female,1 children) so far I request for the Room,or guesthouse my contact number- 9850620794 or 9028009500
    My mail id is-

  94. Ajay says:

    coming from dombivli at pithapuram 5 april 2018 at Evening 6.00pm we are
    5 person staying at 1 night….pls arrange book for us..

    Uday Marathe

  95. Ajay says:

    Namaste Uday Marathe
    coming from dombivli at pithapuram 5 april 2018 at Evening 6.00pm we are
    5 person staying at 1 night….pls arrange book for us..

    Uday Marathe

  96. Ajay says:

    Namskar Uday Marathe
    coming from dombivli at pithapuram 5 april 2018 at Evening 6.00pm we are
    5 person staying at 1 night….pls arrange book for us..

    Uday Marathe

  97. Dhananjay Shripad Dandavate says:

    We six senior citizens (Three female & Three male) are coming to Pithapuram on 10 th April 18, by Godawari Express early in the morning.for Gurucharitra Parayan . We need two rooms accommodation from 10-4-18 to 14-4-18, near temple premises as far as possible.Hence you are requested please do the needful & book two rooms from 10 to 14 April. Please reply as early as possible. My Cell phone No. 9096618717 & email id –

    • Naveen Sanagala says:

      Shripad Ji, you can contact the authorities on the telephone number given above in the article.

  98. Jyoti Shirsi says:

    we had reachon 26th may 2018 at 8.30am at samankot,pithapuram 20 person( ladies),we want nearest accommodation


    I WANT TO DO 3 DAYS PARAYAN FROM 6/5/18 TO 8/5/18. Can i get room on 5 th evening to to 8 th evening

  100. Vivek Nimbhorkar says:

    Sir, I with 3 members comming to pithapuram on 23:4:2018 evening to 25:4:2018 morning . Can i get 2 AC rooms? Pl guide and what is tariff,

  101. Dr swapnil says:

    I need to accommodation of 9 members reach there at 16th August. Please inform me for devsthanam accommodation .

  102. A S Ramesh says:

    I am coming on 16 th June night.plz provide me accommodation.i stay for 3 days

  103. eshwar prasad bingi says:

    We are coming to pithapuram for Swamy darshan on 27/7/2018, can we get email : ** and my mobile *9449076143*, we are coming from Bellary. We are unable to contact you by the phone no. Given above

  104. Pradeep Bhavthankar says:

    How to book room guide me


    we 5 people are coming to pithapuram on 24/9/2018 by train no.18112 ypr-tata exp.please book 2 rooms on my name. Mr. Shamkant gadkar. pl. reply to me on my mail-

  106. Shirish says:

    We want to stay at pithapuram on 24th to 27th October 2018 total 14 members Are any rooms available on these days

  107. M.Phalnikar says:

    Sir,we r planning to come for SHRI DARSHANA ON 24 -25 November 18.We r two persons.Pl let us know if we will get accommodation in our Temple Rooms.My moo.09422122707

  108. Raksha Patil says:

    Dear sir.. We are 4 members (husband, wife, daughter n son) coming to Mahasansthan From Shirdi on dated 10Nov-12Nov .sir please help us for availability of room….. ..Thank you
    !!!Shreepad Rajam Sharnam Prapdhye!!!

  109. Ansooya Purushottam Itnare says:

    Respected ,
    Organiser sripadasrivallabha
    We are about 7 family members from Maharashtra arriving at Pithapuram on the 7th Dec want to book accommodation for 3 days . Before this messege I hv sent mail on ur email adress bt I didn’t get any reply from u ..plz let me know details of accommodation at Sansthanam..
    Thanking you..

  110. shivaji kisan cheke says:

    sir, my 6 family member i want nearest accoommodation i am physically handipped pl book in pl let me know of details temple accommodation

  111. Prakash pawar says:

    I want one room for two persons , we are reaching there on 16.01 19

  112. Mohan Pujar says:

    We would visit the temple on Feb 4, 2019. Could you please book a room for two just for one day? Please let me know.
    Mohan Pujar

  113. Prakash Deshpande says:

    I need accommodation for six persons. (For 3 couples) for 3 days from 4th March to 7th March 2019.Let me know availability.

  114. Shrikrishna Degaonkar says:

    We come to phithapur four purson 24 March reach please 24 25 two days one room accommodation please

  115. Shrikrishna. says:

    We are come to phithapur four purson please give me a one room accommodation please we reached to 24 March please two days one room give
    My number 9422644227

  116. Shrikant Kshirsagar says:

    I am visiting pithapuram along my wife on 20/08/2019 kindly book 1 double bed room in MARIGOLD for 2 days i.e. 208/19 tto 21/8/19 kindly advise

  117. Mahesh Patil says:

    Respected Sir,
    We are arriving on 20/08/190 to 22/08/19 evening for darshan and Seva of Sri. Swami sripad srivallbha and other . We are 08 person including ladies 3and aged person s needs 04 rooms of double beds,

  118. Renu shionkar says:

    We are come to pithapuram to 10 August 2019…plz tell me the details of accomodation…and also tell me the it is safe or not to in manssoon season…

  119. Varigonda Shivkumar says:

    Respected sir I am coming to pithapuram on the 17th by six in the evening I want a room please book the same

  120. SANJAY S ERANDE says:

    Shubha Sandhya, Guruji Namaskaram, I will come to your town alone from Aurangabad Maharashtra this month, I required free accomodation with locker facility. Regards. SANJAY S ERANDE, 214, Samarth Nagar, Aurangabad Maharashtra 431001

  121. Ramkrishna Kautik Rayate says:

    I am Ramkrishna Kautik Rayate from Jalgaon Maharashtra planning to visit Pithapuram from 18 Feb 2020 to 20 Feb 2020.We are three ( 3) persons and we need room. Could you pl arrange/ book accommodation us in your bhakt niwas. Waiting positive response from you. Thanging you.
    Ramkrishna Rayate
    mob no 9524949835 , 9511286072

  122. Nita Nagarkar says:

    I , with my 11 senior ladies come pithapuram on 31st January and 1st February. All are coming from Mumbai. Please.

  123. Ujjwala Patil Gadkari says:

    Please we need room for three persons of my family. We are coming From Nashik Maharashtra there on 20/2 /2020 to23/2/2020.last time we were not aware about booking of room. We hope that this time rooms would be available for us in bhaktniwas.

  124. Abhay Pathak says:

    I am Abhay Pathak from Pune, Maharashtra visiting Pithapuram on 21st Feb. 2020 (at 9.30 am) to 22nd Feb.2020 (till 8.30 pm). We are six (6) persons from which two (2) are senior citizens. We need a room. Could you please arrange/book room in your bhakt niwas.
    Kindly reply.

    Abhay Pathak