Abhirami Anthadhi | Collection of Poems by Abhirami Pattar for Ma Abhirami Devi

Goddess Abhirami

Goddess Abhirami

Abhirami Anthadhi is a wonderful collection of poems, which was written and sung by the great divine poet Sri Abhirami Bhattar, in praise of Ma Abhirami, a form of Ma Shakti Devi, who is dwelling in the Thirukkadaiyur Amirtaghatesvarar Sivan Temple, located in Tamil Nadu. The birth name of Abhirami Bhattar was Subramanyam, and he lived during the 18th century AD.

Since these divine songs were sung in praise of Ma Abhirami who is permanently residing at Thirukkadavur, with a cheerful and a smiling face, it is known as Abhirami Anthadhi. Among the various Tamil divine songs, Abhirami Anthadi is considered as a “MARVELLOUS GEM”, for its simplicity. Abhirami Bhattar, was a staunch devotee of Ma Shakti Devi.

Once when the king of that region visited the Thirukkadavur temple on the day of the new moon and enquired him about the day, he said that it was a full moon day, since during that time, Abhirami Bhattar considered the face of Abhirami similar to the full moon. The king had become very angry and sentenced Bhattar to death. Bhattar didn’t get upset, but sung the anthadhi with utmost devotion on the goddess, and due to that,Ma Abhirami threw her earring towards the sky, which brightly shines in the sky like the full moon. It is believed that that those who sing songs of Abhirami Anthadhi on the full moon and new moon days would be bestowed with good boons from goddess Abhirami.

In this poem, Bhattar praises Abhirami as the universal mother, who is the divine consort of Lord Shiva, and seek her for mercy.

The contents present in the beautiful poems, Abhirami Anthadhi are as follows:-

Oh the divine mother Abhirami! You are the entire brightness in the world, and you are the medicine for the patients.

Oh Ma Abhirami! You are only giving the great energy for the sun and moon, and you are the supreme mother goddess.

Oh Ma Abhirami! You are easily reachable and you can be approached by us during the times of difficulties.

Oh Ma Abhirami! You are giving shelter for the homeless and you are the divine Annapurna who gives abundant food to those who are in hungry.

Oh Ma Abhirami! You are giving salvation for your staunch devotees, and relieves from the chain of birth cycles.

Oh Ma Abhirami! You are having thousands of names, like Shakti, Durga, Parvati and Parameswari.

Oh Ma Abhirami! You are changing even the fate of your devotees, and you are making them to travel in the divine path.

Oh Ma Abhirami! You have created various gods and goddesses through your super natural powers, and allocated various duties to them.

Oh Ma Abhirami! Through your grace, you are making even a pauper into a prince.


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