Aadi Perukku at Samayapuram Mariamman Temple

Aadi Perukku is one of the most celebrated festivals at Samayapuram Mariamman Temple in Tamil Nadu. In 2020, Aadi Perukku date is August 2.

Aadi Perukku festival is celebrated mainly by women in Cauvery delta region. Women celebrate this festival to honor nature. Celebrations may include the exchange of delicious ‘Chitrannam’ (fried rice) among the womenfolk. It also marks the beginning of rice cultivation along the banks of Cauvery River.

Also popular as Padinettam Perukku, Aadi Padinettu, Aadi Padinettam, Aadi Perukku brings the Monsoon flavors to the region with utmost grandeur. Apart from Aadi Perukku, Aadi Velli (Fridays in Aadi Masam) are celebrated with utmost fervor in Samayapuram.

Mariamman Temple is located in Samayapuram in Tiruchirappalli in Tamil Nadu. The main deity, Samayapurathal or Mariamman, a form of supreme mother goddess Durga or Maha Kali or Aadi Shakthi, is made of sand and clay like many of the traditional Mariamman deities is considered as most powerful Goddess, and hence unlike many other Hindu deities there are no abhishekams (sacred washing) conducted to the main deity, but instead the “abishekam” is done to the small stone statue in front of it.

It is believed by the devotees that the Goddess has enormous powers over curing illnesses and hence, it is a ritual to buy small metallic replicas, made with silver or steel, of various body parts that need to be cured, and these are deposited in the donation box.

Panchangam, 2 August 2020

Suryodayam (Sunrise) 06:01 Suryastamaya (Sunset) 19:04
Chandrodayam (Moonrise)18:21 Chandrastama (Moonset)29:22

Today’s Panchangam
Paksha (Fortnight) Krishna Paksha
Tithi (Lunar Day) Chaturdashi – 21:28
Nakshatra Purva Ashadha – 06:52
Yoga Vishkambha – 07:52
Karana Vanija – 21:28

Today’s Panchang
Purnimanta Month Sraavana
Amavasyanta Month Sraavana
Shaka Samvatsara: Sharvari
Vikram Samvat Varsha: Pramadicha
Rahu Kalam: 17:26 – 19:04
Gulika Kalam: 15:48 – 17:26
Yama Gandam: 12:33 – 14:10

Today’s Rashi
Ravi Rashi (Sun Sign) Karka
Chandra Rashi (Moon Sign) Dhanu – 12:56:51

Auspicious Time
Amrita Kalam 24:48* – 26:25*
Abhijit: 12:06 – 12:59

Time to Avoid
Varjyam Kalam 15:01 – 16:39
Durmuhurthams: 17:19 – 18:12

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