6 November 2011, Prabhodini Ekadasi, Dev Utthana Ekadasi

Today, 6 November 2011 is Prabhodini Ekadasi (Dev Utthana Ekadasi). It is also celebrated as Bodhini or Kartik Ekadasi. Pandharpur Yatra is a procession taken on this day in Pandharpur Vithoba Temple. Starting from this Ekadasi till Purnima, the five days are very auspicious for any type of pujas and rituals.

The devotee who performs Ekadasi vrata on Prabodhini would get the equivalent result of observing Ashwamedha Yagna. And who offers food to even a single person after this Ekadasi vrata, would get the merit of performing ‘Annadaan’ (food charity) to ten million people along the river banks of Ganga on Surya Grahan.

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