6 Dravyas for Shivalinga Abhishekam

In Hindu religious history, Puja is a one of the ways to please God by worshiping him through a particular procedure involving some steps. In this festival of Maha Shivarathri, it is actually the Puja that plays the most significant role.

It is said that on this day if a devotee pleases Lord Shiva, he or she is able to rid of all the sins of the past. There are certain readings or hymns from the Shiv Purana (a spiritual book referring to Lord Shiva) that are read or sung on this auspicious day.

According to this Purana, the puja is basically the ‘abhisheka’ of the Shiv Linga with the 6 ‘dravyas. Which means that the procedure of the Puja involves the ritual of pouring of the 6 significant liquids on the image of Lord Shiva that is Shiv Linga?

The 6 dravyas have certain individual significance which can be accordingly enlisted as follows –

  1. Milk – purity and spiritual attachment.
  2. Yogurt – fertility and prosperity.
  3. Honey – sweet and soft speech.
  4. Ghee – victory.
  5. Sugar – happiness.
  6. Water – purity.

Also on this day devotees keep fasts in order to please Lord Shiva. Those who cannot keep fasts can chant the ‘mantras’ to Lord Shiva. The universal chant of ‘Om Namah Shivaya’ is a very useful and powerful chant that the devotees use in Hindu custom.

This type of Pujas is conducted in temples according to the Vedic practices plus rules and regulations for the devotees and pilgrims.



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