32000 year old Narasimha idol found in Germany

In South Germany, an idol that largely resembles the “lion man” (narsimha) was found by the scientist. It is said to be made from the tusk of a mammoth. It looks like the form of a human body with a lion head. According to the expert, this centerpiece dated back 32,000 years.

In the archaeological circuit in Europe, this particular discovery has really brought a lot of attention. It is to be highly noted that around 1930-35 at the Lonetal area near Ulm, a vast Excavations was carried out and the German scientist had found lots of prehistoric artifacts in an immense cave system.

It is to be remembered that in Germany previously idol were found that has representations of horses, even single lions, birds and turtles. But it is the first time such a morphological combination of men and animal are found.

It is to be highly noted that the “lion man” (Narsimha) was quite unique and outstanding. During the later examinations by the scientist it was studied that the “lion-men” was largely used for ritual purposes.

The idol was found in a dark cave at the entrance just 20 meters away and buried deep under the ground at the depth of 1, 20 meter. The idol has perfect finish and good curves. It is a shining masterpiece even after many centuries.

The research finally pointed towards Vedic culture of ancient India. This idol has the agama Shilpa Shastra and is known as “Kevala Narasimha”. This idol is under the custody of the Germany museum much away from India.

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  1. Vishwabandhu Bajpai says:

    Grat r ways of d GREAT.He appears per his wish & elopes too, same manner,also remains in diffused form,gives chance to all to understand Him in capacitated perception available with various classes,persons,cultures.
    Artifact so found at such distance,does so,our ancestors zeal,enthusiasm & esteem to extend enlightenment for righteousness beyond any limit.

  2. Deepesh says:

    32 000 year old vedic deity found in germany lonetal area near ulm german

  3. Dayasagar says:

    32000 years ago lakshmi narasimha swamy idols found in germany