2nd day of Medaram Jatara – 17 February 2022 | Arrival of Sammakka

2nd day of Medaram Jatara is celebrated as the arrival of Sammakka on to the ‘Medaram Gaddhe’ (Platform). Sammakka is welcomed amidst the official homage from police and government. ‘Edurukolla Ghattam’ is one of the popular events during the arrival of Sarakka.

On 17 February 2022, pujaris bring bamboo sticks and place them on the ‘Gaddhe’. Amdist the protection and official homages of police, Pujaris bring Sammakka to Gaddhe (Sammakka is usually installed at Chilukala Gutta in the form of a ‘Kumkuma Bharina’). Sammakka is the presiding deity of Medaram Sammakka Saralamma Jathara.

At Chilukala Gutta, as the indication of the arrival of Sammakka, the district SP (Superintendent of Police) fires his gun thrice in the air and inaugurates the ‘bali’ to please Sammakka. Amidst the slogans praising Sammakka, pujaris bring the deity on to Gaddhe.

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