Timings of Mopidevi Temple

Timings of Mopidevi Temple: opening timings and closing timings of Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple. Daily puja timings and other sevas schedule are given here.

Mopidevi Subramanya Swamy Temple is one of the popular temples dedicated to Subramanya Swamy in Andhra Pradesh.

04:00 AM – Temple Opens

04:00 AM to 04:30 AM – Temple Pooja, Issuance of Abhishekham  Tickets

04:30 AM to 07:30 AM – Abhishekam, Alankarana, Harathi, Prasadam

07:30 AM to 12:00 noon  – Archana and  Sarva Darshan and other poojas

12:00 PM to 12:30 PM – Nivedana and Harathi

12:30 PM to 14:00 PM – Remains Closed

14:00 PM to 18:30 PM – Archana and Sarva Darshan and other poojas

18:30 PM to 19:00 PM – Devasthanam Pradosha Pooja

19:00 PM to 19:30 PM – Maha Harathi andDarshanam

20:30 PM – Temple will be closed

Mopidevi Temple will remain closed during Chandra Grahanam (Lunar Eclipse) and Surya Grahanam (Solar Eclipse).

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  1. RB.Madduri says:

    Please say in about choultry or devastanam rooms and tariff.because i would lije to stay one night …

  2. Satish says:

    Can any one provide timings for Kalyanam puja on tuesday

  3. sindhu says:

    what is the rahuketha pojja timings in sunday

  4. Bitra Durga Rao says:

    i like this temple. i pray to subramanyeswara every day. may god blessing me.
    and very peaceful in the temple.

  5. Sudha says:

    1. What is the cost to perform Abhishekam in Mopidevi and what are timings?

    2. what is the cost of Naga Sarpha Dosha pooja in Mopidevi and at what timings?
    Does Naga Dosha Nivarana pooja can be performed at any stage? Please clarify.

    Can we book online for these 2 poojas if so let me know the website address.



  6. venkateshh says:

    Very nice temple this is seeing my life satisfaction

  7. ananta lakshmi says:

    i want to perform kalyanam on my sons name, how to get a ticket and what is the cost

  8. m.v.pavan says:

    Nenu ma iddaru pillala talaneelaalu mokku mopidevi temple lo mokkukunna teeyataaniki vuntaara

  9. gupta says:

    pls tell mopidevi temple abhishak ticket cost and any online reservation for pooja and abhishakam. tnku

  10. Jaysukh says:

    how much it charge for abhishekam in mopidevi temple

  11. Guna says:

    temple darshan and archana particularsof Mopidevi subrahmanya swamy temple

  12. Kulbhooshan says:

    what is the time and cost of abhishekam in mopidevi subramanya temple mopidevi andhra pradesh

  13. Jaiveer says:

    sloka of subramanya swamy located on mopidevi temple