Putra Prapti Vratam, Putra Prapthi Vrat

Putra Prapti Vratam is an austerity performed to get a son. In some areas, this vrata is observed for a period of one year but in some places on a special day. In 2014, Putra Prapti Vratham date is May 5. In Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka, Putra Prapthi Vratam is observed on Vaisakha Shukla Sashti, sixth day in bright fortnight of Vaisakha masa and just on the third day after Akshay Tritiya.

In Maharashtra, Gujarat, and other North Indian states the vrat is observed on the Ashtami day in Shukla Paksha of Bhadrapad month, just on the fourth day after Ganesh Chaturthi. In 2014, Putra Prapti Vrat date is September 2.

This is the auspicious austerity for married couple to get children.

Devotees take Sankalp / Sankalpam for the vrata on the preceding day. Lord Sri Maha Vishnu is worshipped during the vrata. Vishnu homam or Sudarsana Homam is also performed in some temples for sonless couples. After the puja, Brahmins are offered food, sesame seeds, ghee, and other dakshina. Putra Prapti Vrata continues for a year like this. This year-long Putra Prapti vrat begins on Bhadrapad Shukla Ashtami day and ends on Bhadrapad Shukla Astami in next year. This Vrata is popularly known as Krishna Ashtami Vrata in some areas.

Putra Prapthi Ashtakam is the most popular stotram chanted during Putra Prapti Vrata.

In 2013, Putra Prapti Vratham date was May 16.

In 2012, Putra Prapti Vratam date was April 27.

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