Marathi Kalnirnay 2016 PDF free download, Marathi Calendar 2016 Kalnirnay PDF

Marathi Kalnirnay 2016 PDF free download, Marathi Calendar 2016 Kalnirnay PDF – Marathi Kalnirnay 2016, Marathi Calendar 2016 with tithi in pdf format is here for free download. Kalnirnay is the standard Marathi panchang used in Maharashtra and Goa. Read about Gudi Padwa 2016 date.

Shubh Vivah muhurat, Sankashti Chauturthi Chandroday or Moonrise timings, Ekadashi dates, Amavasya, Purnima tithi nirnay, Puja timings, Chandra Grahan and Surya Grahan times, and the list of all other Marathi festivals and auspicious days are given in this Kalnirnay calendar.

Download Marathi Kalnirnay 2016 calendar pdf – Link 1

Download Marathi Kalnirnay 2016 calendar pdf – Link 2

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Marathi Kalnirnay January 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay February 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay March 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay April 2016 in PDF- Link

Marathi Kalnirnay May 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay June 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay July 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay August 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay September 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay October 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay November 2016 in PDF – Link

Marathi Kalnirnay December 2016 in PDF – Link

Apart from Marathi, Kalnirnay is also published in Hindi, English (Calmanac), Kannada (Kalanirnaya), Telugu (Kalaniryanayam), Tamil and Gujarati languages.

Here, you can Read about Mahalakshmi Dindarshika 2016 (Mahalakshmi Calendar 2016) which is published from Kolhapur based Sri Saraswati Publishing Co Pvt. Ltd.

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