Giri Pradakshina in Simhachalam Temple on Ashada Pournami

Giri Pradakshina in Simhachalam Varahalakshmi Narasimha swamy temple is celebrated with utmost fervor on Ashada Pournami, Full Moon day in Ashada masam. Giri Pradakshina begins on July 8th night in 2017 and will conclude on July 9th.

The journey of Simhagiri Pradakshina covers more than 30 kilometers. The is one of the three major festivals celebrated at Simhachalam temple while other two festivals are – Chandanotsavam and Kalyanotsavam.

In 2017, Giri Pradakshina starts in the evening on 8th July with naivedyam to the presiding deity of the temple. Several hundreds of devotees participate in the holy ritual.

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    significance of simhachalam temple pradakshina on full moon day