Adhik Maas in 2018, 2023, 2026 – Next Adhika masam, Maal Maas

Adhik maas or Adhika masam or Adhik mahina is an extra month in lunar calendar of Hinduism. It comes once in two and half years.

2015 – 2016: Manmadha nama samvatsaram – Ashada month Adhik mahina

2018 – 2019: Vilambi nama samvatsara – Ashweeja masam Adhika masam

2023 – 2024: Shobhakruthu nama samvatsaram – Shravan month Adhik Maas

2026 – 2027: Parabhava nama samvatsaram – Jyeshta maas Adhik mahina

2029 – Sadharana Nama Samvatsaram – Chaitra Maas Adhik Month

2031 – Virodhikrutu Nama Samvatsaram –  Bhadrapada Month Adhika Masam

2034 – Ananda Nama Samvatsaram – Ashada Month Adhik Maas

2037 – Pingala Nama Samvatsaram – Jyeshta Month Adhik Maas

Adhika Masam in 2039 – Siddharthi Nama Samvatsaram – Ashwin Maas

Adhika Masam in 2042 – Dundubhi Nama Samvatsaram – Shravan Month

Adhika Masam in 2045 – Krodhana Nama Samvatsaram – Jyeshta Maas

Adhika Masam in 2048 – Shukla Nama Samvatsaram – Chaitra Maas

Adhika Masam in 2050 – Pramodhutha Nama Samvatsaram – Bhadrapada Maas

Adhika Masam in 2053 – Srimukha Nama Samvatsaram – Ashada Maas

Adhika Masam in 2056 – Dhata Nama Samvatsaram – Vaishakha Maas

Adhika Masam in 2058 – Bahudhanya Nama Samvatsaram – Ashwayuja Maas

Adhika Masam in 2061 – Vrusha Nama Samvatsaram – Shravan Maas

Adhika Masam in 2064 – Tharana Nama Samvatsaram – Jyeshta Maas

Adhika Masam in 2067 – Sarvadhari Nama Samvatsaram – Chaitra Month

Adhika Masam in 2069 – Virodhi Nama Samvatsaram – Shravanamasam

Adhika Masam in 2072 – Nandana Nama Samvatsaram – Ashadamasam

Adhika Masam in 2075 – Manmadha Nama Samvatsaram – Vaishakh Month

Adhika Masam in 2077 – Hevilambi Nama Samvatsaram – Ashwin Month

Adhika Masam in 2080 – Sharvari Nama Samvatsaram – Shravan Month

Adhika Masam in 2083 – Shobhakrutu Nama Samvatsaram – Jyeshta Month

Adhika Masam in 2086 – Palvanga Nama Samvatsaram – Chaitra Month

Adhika Masam in 2088 – Keelaka Nama Samvatsaram – Shravan Month

Adhika Masam in 2091 – Virodhikrutu Nama Samvatsaram – Ashad Month

Adhika Masam in 2094 – Ananda Nama Samvatsaram – Vaishakh Month

Adhika Masam in 2096 – Nala Nama Samvatsaram – Bhadrapada Month

Adhika Masam in 2099 – Siddharthi Nama Samvatsaram – Shravan Month

2012 – 2013: Nandana nama samvatsara – Bhadrapad month Adhik Maas

In 2012 – 2013 Hindu year there was Adhik Bhadrapad maas. In 2010 – 2011, there was Adhik Vaishakh month.

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  1. P Sudhakar says:

    good knowledge .
    abt adhika maasa.. sudhakar .. call. 7997207682.. andhra..

  2. Amogh Kudal says:

    Pranaam Guruji..

    I want to know adhik phalgun maas from 1984 to next in future.

  3. manish says:

    Want to know when adhik mass come as kartik month
    pls send

  4. Prabhakar Ede says:

    I want to know about adhika and nija Sravana concept. And I want to know the month and year of nija sravana years from 1965 onwards. Kindly reply me. 9441894400

  5. Jatin vyas says:



  6. Yogesh nagesh says:

    Dear Sir, I heard that Kapila Sasti falls once in 12 years. I want to know in which date, month & year the kapila sasti will come and its significance.

  7. Shiv Kishan Sharma says:

    Dear sir, I want to know in which years from 1975 to 1985 the adhik masam of shravana was there

  8. Bhavi says:

    which months fall in adhika masam in 2013

  9. Menaha says:

    which day does adik maas starts in 2013

  10. Sanjita says:

    when is sunya masam in 2014 malayalam calendar

  11. Chitra says:

    when iscthe next adhik maas in hindi calende

  12. Urmika says:

    will there be a adhik maas in 2014

  13. Jaldev says:

    hindu festivals in 2024 festivals dates in 2023 in hindupad com

  14. Hemraj says:

    is there a adhik maas in year 2013

  15. Dr. Rao says:

    Could any one give the corresponding dates and months, during which the Adhika masa
    would occur from this year to 2027.
    Thanking you
    With regards
    Dr. Rao

  16. Mohil Patel says:

    A month before this would be Shravan month where mostly, all Shiv Puja’s ( Special prayers on Lord Shiva’s) would be done only of Mondays . Also the Fasting would be for the whole month.

    Furthermore, the Adhik month would be where Shiv Puja’s (Special prayers of Lord Shiva’s) would be done every days and would be another month of fasting as well.

    As a result, this year, the fast would for 2 months (60 days).

  17. nageswara rao k says:

    It is understood that Adhikamasa occurs around 32 to 33 months. It may be actually any time between 28 to 36 months. So the gap between 2018-19, and 2023-24 must be having one more adhika masa!
    I am not good at astronomy, forgive me if I am wrong.