Worship of Lingam & its religious significance



Worship of Lingam & its religious significance, what is the religious significance of Shiva Lingam?

Generally it is largely believed that God is not having any shape.  In all the places, the omnipresent Lord Shiva will be present. it is to be highly remembered that this is strongly represented by the perfect shape of Shiva Lingam.

On the other hand, the silence of the Lingam will largely converse with the devotees and pilgrims who strongly believe in this particular Lord. Therefore Lord Shiva is spiritually and religiously represented by Lingam. It is to be largely remembered that the form of Lord Shiva is the Lingam.

The Hindu devotees and pilgrims worship the Lingam as a mark of great respect plus dedication and devotion to the creator of universe. It is to be noted that the Hindus describe Shiva Lingam as a supreme power and moreover the stone doesn’t have any shape. They also strongly believe that the Lingam has very good powers that will remain silent until the time will arrive.  This is largely representing the supreme lord who has no shape. The shape of the Lingam represents the live power of nature.

According to the Hindu religious scholars and pundits, Lord Shiva has indescribable powers. The lingam is the cleanliness of the soul. This is the main reason why Hindu devotes and pilgrims worship Lingam.

It is to be remembered that Lord Rama and King Ravana worshipped Lingam or getting more powers. The temples of Shiva have several mystical powers. Doing pujas and rituals to Lingam will assist in getting more happiness in personal and professional life.

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