Will the new government be able to eradicate corruption in India?

Will the new government be able to eradicate corruption in India?

See, a car runs on all its four wheels. If one of the wheels dislodges itself from the car, the car will not be able to run. It will break down there itself. So you cannot make an imposition that this should happen, or that should happen. All issues and priorities will need to be addressed hand in hand.

When a train runs, it pulls all the train compartments and all the wheels of those compartments together as one. So you cannot give top priority to any one compartment or any one wheel of the train, isn’t it?

The issue of black money has its own importance for the country. To improve and boost the economic condition of the country is also another priority.

The situation of the Defense department of our country too is in a very poor state and is another priority issue. So every issue has its own priority, but neither can override the other.

For a hungry person, food is his first priority; for a sick person, health care is the priority. If you only give importance to the healthcare issue of a sick person and do not provide sufficient food to the hungry person, then very soon that hungry person will also fall ill. So all issues have to be addressed together.

Note – It is an excerpt of Sri Sri Ravishankar Guruji’s discourse at Art of Living.

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