Vyaghrapada was one of the great rishis in Hinduism. He is a sincere devotee of Lord Shiva, and used to worship him regularly, and will never take his food without worshipping him.

Vyaghrapada used to pluck flowers, in order to offer it to Lord Shiva in the temple of Chidambaram. Since, he find it difficult to pluck the powers with his human organs, he prayed to Lord Shiva, and through his grace, his legs had been changed similar to tiger’s legs. Through the tiger legs, he easily moved from one place to another place, and plucked flowers easily from the trees and offered it to Lord Shiva for his worship.

Generally, he is shown in a human form containing the legs of tigers. He worshipped Lord Shiva along with the great Pathanjali in Chitambaram Natarajar Temple. He also worshipped Lord Vishnu in the Sthalasayana Perumal Temple, Tirusirupuliyur in Tamil Nadu and got the divine darshan of Lord Vishnu.


He got great super natural powers, and he is a great Shiva devotee and also a rishi. It is believed, that he is still doing meditation on Lord Shiva in the divine world and receiving his blessings. In this today’s fast changing world, we are not able to allot sufficient time for worshipping the god by going to temples, but the great Vyaghrapada Rishi had changed his appearance itself, in order to make proper worship on Lord Shiva. He got such a kind of great bhakti. We also have to cultivate the habit of going to temples, and worship the god with complete devotion in our mind, without concentrating on other unwanted things.

He acts as an example for others, with regard of showing great bhakti on Lord Shiva. By worshipping him, we can get his blessings as well as the blessings of Lord Shiva and Vishnu, and can live a peaceful and a prosperous life in this world, and can attain SALVATION after our death.

Let us worship the great rishi and be blessed.


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