Vishwa Kalyana Maha Yagnam in Guntur

Vishwa Kalyana Maha Yagnam in Guntur will be held in December 2012 by Pruthvi Mata Gayathri Trust. As per the organisers, Vishwa Kalyana Maha Yajnam is never happened in the world religious history.

Vishwa Kalyana Maha Yagnam will be held with 24000 Homa Kundies from 15th to 21st December 2012.

Venue of the Yagnam is – Saptharshi Nagar, Near Kailasagiri (between Nallapadu – Perecherla), Guntur district.

Purpose of Vishwa Kalyana Maha Yagnam…

For the well – being of all mankind of today, let us undertake a great Yajna of the 24 lettered Gayatri mantra with holy offerings in 24,000 sacred Homa Yajna Kundies. Let us spare no efforts to make this a great success. Viswa Guru Satta has undertaken divinity-explosion by using the energy inherent in the Gayatri Mantra. For each letter one thousand sacrificial urns in total, 24,000 urns will burn cow ghee, holy herbal powder in this great Yajna for world peace and prosperity. This Yajna will remove all kinds of pollutions and awaken good sense in men.

About the End of the World on December 21, 2012

More-over several western astrologers are thinkers predict alarming things about the running year 2012. The earth will face several very critical conditions, but later peoples of the world forget racial hatred and live in peace and amity – Lakota prediction

The presently-passing the 5th period of the sun will end on the 21-12-2012. After several earthquakes and inundations (tsunamis) take place, peace will establish itself on the dawn of the 6th solar epoch – Mayan Calendar

According to the Chinese prophecy in 2012 the whole world will badly be affected by severe blasting of volcanoes and floods – Nostradomus

While foreign astrologers and philosophers foretell like this, our seers predict like this; In the 21st century mankind will have bright future. The seeds of Sathya yuga will slide into the micro world. The earth will flourish like heaven. There will be one world family. Man gets transformed into a god. – Pandit Sri Ramasarma Achrya, Santhi Kunj

After 5,000 years of Kali Era, Era the totally deformed and distorted old Era will yield place to a new one namely Sathya Yuga wherein men will become godly – Brahma Kumaries

The present-day world will surely emerge out of the topsy-turvy conditions, threatening men, into a new world, where men will lead ideal happy lives. This is not far away – Ramachandra Mission

Considering all these, what is it that we should do to save mankind? This can be achieved not by Indra’s thunder – bolt or by Kama Dhenu or by Kalpa Vriksha. But we don’t have any one of them. We have one equally powerful weapon at our command. That is nothing but the great ‘Gayatri Mantra’.

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