Vikruthi Nama Samvatsaram 2010 – 2011 Navanayaka Phala

How will be 2010 and 2011 for the people of India and world? This article gives a glimpse about the results of Navanayaka phala of Vikruthi nama samvatsaram (2010-2011). Mundane astrology predictions are also given here. Vikruti year begins on Ugadi or Chaitra Shukla Pratipada in 2010 (March 16). How will be 2010 and 2011 for agriculture, business, real estate, entrepreneurs, education, youth matters, safety, terrorism, and other top priority aspects of the world and India…

Navanayaka Phala 2010-2011:

  • King (Raju) – Kuja or Mangala (Mars):

Responsibilities of ruling and administration will be in the hands of the ‘ugra graha Kuja or Mangala which makes difficulties to the Government and administrative bodies. Natural disasters may affect badly on people. Revolutions, terrorism, and crime rate are on the top of the list for Vikruti year.

  • Manthri (Minister) – Budha (Mercury):

Financial scams and lack of cooperation in administration will paralyze the Governing bodies. Duplicate material, piracy, and other illegal activities may grow considerably.

  • Senadhipathi (Army Chief) – Kuja or Mangala (Mars):

Tension along the borders of two countries and two states may increase drastically. Peace actions will not be successful this year due to Kujas strong hold on military forces. Patriotism may increase among the people.

  • Sasyadhipathi – Shukra (Venus):

Agriculture and other related areas may not improve remarkably this year due to the Brahmin Graha Shukra gets the Sasyadhipathi status. Sugar price may rise.

  • Dhanyadhipathi – Guru or Bruhaspati (Jupiter):

Yields of crops like paddy, wheat, maize and other grains may increase. Exports of vegetables, groundnut, fruits, and other commodities may also increase. There is a chance of artificial dearth in commodities.

  • Arghyadhipathi – Kuja (Mars):

Natural disasters are on cards for Himalayan areas, South India, America, and coastal areas.

  • Meghadhipathi – Kuja (Mars):

In some areas floods may occur and in some areas draught will occur. Monsoons may arrive late. Even though there will be enough water for agriculture.

  • Rasadhipathi – Ravi or Surya (Sun):

Illegal activities like using drugs, piracy, and illegal businesses will throw the world into a crime circle. Internet may be used as one of the medium for this.

  • Neerasadhipathi – Shukra (Venus):

Financial status of India will decrease slightly. Youth may take bad path. Smoking, drinking and other addictive activities may rise quickly among the youth of India this year.

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