Venus in 5th House | Shukra in House of Children

Venus in 5th House, Shukra in House of Children – effects of Venus in 5th house (positive effects & negative effects)..

When Venus is in 5th house the friendly planets of Venus which are alive will give lots of wealth.

If House No. 12 is destroyed then Venus is also destroyed. Enemy planets positioned in House No. 7 will damage Venus. The native serves cow and Moon he will get lots of wealth. But philandering outside would destroy wealth and family.

Positive effects of Venus in 5th house

When Venus is in 5th house the native will love his motherland and when he becomes religious he will attract luck.

When Mercury, Saturn and Ketu become alive he will be a religious guide and his wife will be lucky for him. When male planets are conjoined there will be an increase in wealth and love for family and country.

When Sun is in House No. 1 and Mars is in House No. 3 the native will be very lucky and wealthy. Even when there are enemy planets with Venus there will be no adverse effect of these planets on Venus. His wife and children will always be happy

Negative effects of Venus in 5th house

When Venus becomes polluted Saturn will give immorality. His luck will be based on his character. Elder brothers, maternal uncles, in-laws and elder brothers of father will be the source of loss and destroy the native.

When Sun, Moon and Rahu are in House No. 1, 7 the 12th house will be destroyed and there will be losses through friends. If the person gets into a love marriage his children will be unfaithful. When the moon becomes malefic it will increase the malefic effects of Venus.

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