Venus in 4th House | Shukra in Sukha Bhava

Venus in 4th House, Shukra in 4th house (Sukha Bhava) – what are the effects of Venus in 4th house – Positive effects & negative effects..

When Venus is in 4th house the native may be denied progeny due to the effects of Rahu Ketu Saturn with Mars and Mercury. Despite having to wives the fate of progeny may be strange.

If there is a planet in House No. 7, 9 only one wife will survive. If the male marries the same woman twice, the condition of 2 wives is met. Business connected with the items of Mars will be helpful.

If moon is positioned in the 7th place from Saturn it will cause poverty.

Positive effects of Venus in 4th house

Jupiter will determine the fate provided Saturn is not connected with Jupiter, otherwise Mercury will determine the fate. He will travel frequently which will be beneficial. He will have a comfortable life after 4 years of marriage.

When House No. 2 and 7 are blank and Venus is not linked with any planet he is likely to have 2 spouses.

Negative effects of Venus in 4th house

If the person constructs a house after covering a well it will lead to lack of children. If Venus is alone and House No. 2 and 7 are blank, love life will become troublesome.

When Saturn is in House No. 4 intoxication will cause destruction and Mercury or the items of mercury will become the medium of this.

When Moon is in House No. 4 there will be poverty. When Jupiter is in House No. 1 there will be conflict between wife and mother and maternal uncle will be destroyed. And Mercury is in House No. 6 or Moon is malefic daughters will be the cause of destruction and wife will be inauspicious.

When Saturn is malefic romance will cause havoc and there will be shortage of children.

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