Vasant Navratri, Vasanta Navaratri: Importance, spiritual significance

goddess durga

goddess durga

Vasant Navratri or Vasanta Navaratri are the nine festive days dedicated to Goddess Shakti celebrated in spring season or Vasanth rithu. This Navratri is also known as Chaitra Navratri as it is celebrated during the Chaitra month.

Some may get doubt that why celebrate Vasant Navaratri as we celebrate Durga Maha Navratri during Ashwin month in a grand scale. Shri Devi Bhagavatham has the reference of significance and spiritual importance of Vasanta Navaratri utsav.

As per the Hinduism and many ancient Hindu scriptures, Vasant Navratri are the main festive days to worship Goddess Shakti. Lord Sri Rama worshipped for nine days during Ashwin month when he was fighting a war against Ravana. Rama demolished him with Goddess grace and since then Ashwin Navratri has become the main Navratri festival. But before Lord Shri Ram, King Sudarsana (Sri Ramas predecessor) performed Vasanta Navratri puja and attained Shaktis eternal blessings to keep his kingdom and his people always in peace and happiness.

In 2017, Vasant Navratri is celebrated from March 28 to April 5. This Navratri is also known as Sri Rama Navaratri utsavam.

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