Varuna Yagam in Andhra Pradesh – Varuna Japam for rain

Varuna Yagam or Varuna Japam is a ritual dedicated to Varuna, Lord of rain. In Andhra Pradesh, in this season there is no rain. To appease rain God, Varuna,Andhra Pradesh State Government recommended all temples of the state to perform Varuna Yagam or Varuna Japam for copious rains. TTD (Tirumala Tirupati Devasthanam) would perform Varuna Yagam for three days beginning from July 2, Thursday and continues till July 4, Saturday. On the occasion of Varuna Yagam the main rituals performed in Tirumala are – Varuna Japam and Sahasra Ghatarchana.

Varuana Yagam is already performed in some major temples of Andhra Pradesh. In Umamarkandeya Swami temple at Rajahmundry, hundreds of devotees witnessed the Varuna Japam and Rudra Jalabhishekam performed on July 25, Thursday. The Executive Officer of the Uma Markandeya temple, Rajahmundry, said that totally 58 vedic pundits were participated in Varuna Puja.

In Vizianagaram district of Andhra Pradesh, Varuna Japam and Varuna Puja began at major temples. In Sri Uma Sadasiva Swamy temple, Nellimerla, Shri Venkateshwara and Kodanda Ramaswamy temple at Thotapalli, Shri Sanyaseshwara Swamy temple at Dharmavaram, Shri Kasi Vishveshwara Swamy temple at Addapusila and Shri Someshwara Swamy temple at Devunigumpa, Varuna Japam was performed already. During this Varuna Japam, Sahasra Ghatabhishekam (Abhishekam to the Lord with 1000 Ghats – pots) is the main ritual.

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