Ugraprabha & Thvaritha Alankarams in Shakambari Utsavalu | 20 July 2018

On 20 July 2018, Ugraprabha & Thvaritha are the two Goddesses for Shakambari Utsavams in Hanumakonda Bhadrakali Temple. Goddess Bhadrakali is decorated in the form of above two Goddesses on this particular day.

It is a traditional ritual that Bhadrakali Mata is decorated in particular ‘64 Yogini Matas‘ during Shakambari Utsavams in Ashada Masam of Telugu calendar.

As a part of celebrations, Bhadrakali Maa appears in the form of Ugraprabha Yogini Mata in the morning and Thvaritha Yogini Mata in the evening on Saturday (20th July 2018).

‘Ugraprabha’ means ‘Ruler of the seminal essence’ and ‘Thvaritha’ means the ‘Giver of the Upward Ecstasy’.

20 July 2018 is the seventh day of Hanamkonda Shakambari Utsavams. The special pujas will end on Guru Purnima day (Ashada Pournami).

Friday, 20 July 2018 – Alankarams

Morning – Ugraprabha Kramam

Evening – Thvaritha Kramam

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