Ugadi Puja celebrations in Srisailam Bramarambika Mallikarjuna Temple

Ugadi or the Telugu New Year Day is celebrated with utmost fervor at Srisailam Bramarambika Mallikarjunaswamy Temple in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. Ugadhi 2023 date is March 22.

Ugadhi celebrations begin three days before Chaitra Shudda Padyami (the first day of Chaitra masam) and continue till the second day after Ugadhi (Chaitra Shukla Vidiya).

The temple festival also attracts lakhs of devotees from Karnataka, Maharashtra, and other North Indian states. Ugadi is also marks the beginning of Kannada New Year in Karnataka. Ugadi is celebrated as Gudhi Padwa or Marathi New Year in Maharashtra and Nav Varsh in Norht Indian states.

The important events during Srishailam Ugadi celebrations are Vahana sevas and Alankaras to Mallikarjuna Bramarambika, Veerachara Vinyasalu and Rathotsavam. Ganapati Puja marks the beginning of rituals followed by Punyahavachanam, Akhanda Sthapana, Mantaparadhana, and Ankurarpana. Rudrahomam and chandi homam are performed daily during Ugadi puja.

On the night before Ugadhi festival (Falguna Amavasya night) Ganacharis (a group of Kannada devotees) perform Agnigunda Pravesham. They walk on the blowing embers to express their devotion and dedication for Lord Shiva. Ganacharis also pierce their bodies with sharp needles and pointed weapons. All these rituals collectively called as Veerachara Vinyasalu.

Goddess Bramarambika Devi is worshipped in different alankarams – Mahalakshmi, Mahadurga, Maha Saraswati, Rajarajeshwari, and nijalankarana of Bhramaramba Devi. Brungi Vahanam, Nandi Vahanam, Kailasa vahanam, and Ravana Vahanam are major events in vahana sevas.

In the evening on Ugadi day Rathotsavam is held. This particular festivity attracts more than 5 lakh devotees every year.

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  1. Ranga Nath says:

    yes man, its looks like another tirupathi…. i never seen this much crowd in srisailam… and for me it took 5 hours for darshanam…

  2. Vani says:

    i went srisailam on march 12 and stayed for 2 days, for special darshan it taking 4-6 hours… people reaching there from karnataka on foot… the crowd is really heavy in srisailam..