Tirtha Yatra | Holy Pilgrimage

Going pilgrimages to holy places and visiting the holy temples would definitely please our mind and body and gives utmost satisfaction to us. Though some of us may feel that travelling to long distance places would be a tiresome, but the experience which we gain after reaching the destination and worshipping the divine deities would be greater.

Nowadays, lot of travel agencies are conducting tour programmes to several holy temples in India. We may opt for that, or otherwise we can choose according to our convenience, and may go on our own.

We can visit Dwaraka, Puri, Badrinath, Kedarnath, Amarnath, Mantralayam, Shirdi, etc, according to our financial stability and our interest.

Nowadays travel can be made by using various modes of transport facilities like car, bus, train and plane. But in ancient times, there were no proper transport facilities. Only bullock carts and travelling by horses are the only modes of transport, and that too only rich people could afford that. Most of the people would prefer travel by foot and would take several months for them to visit the holy places. But their main ambition would be only to visit and worship the god, and to get his blessings.

But in this today’s world, people would never prefer travel by foot. Hence at least let us try to visit the holy places through our convenient modes of transport and receive the divine’s blessings.

Let us travel to holy places and be blessed.

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