Three great morals of Ramayana

Profundity by itself will be meaningless if a person is morally a bankrupt. Non-interference in other people’s affairs and no desire to possess the property held by others and to covet Wives of others are the three morals culled out from the Ramayana.

A tendency exists in a man to prefer the company of women other than his spouse but he should be asked to reflect for a moment and spell out his reaction should stranger just touch his wife. An incident usually narrated recalls how a rich man visited a friend’s house, in his absence, with the sinister motive ofseeking the company of his charming wife. To teach him a lesson, the sprightly girl posed as if she welcomed the proposal and invited him to dine but served a meal in which all the dishes were made of the same vegetable.

Unable to relish this insipid food, the wealthy person wanted to know the idea behind when she politely reminded him that all Women are made of the same mettle while men have a Wrong notion that they differ. Sri Sita told Ravana that similar weakness entertained by him would lead to his ruin.

A great Vedic scholar, he was lustful and wanted to take Her as his wife in spite of the fact that his numerous Wives were beautiful and dutiful. Sri Sita warned him of the consequences of compelling Her. He let out a threat of killing her, if she failed to yield within a stipulated time. To the guards who tried to explain to her of the advantages of marrying Ravana, Sri Sita listed Servaa women like Nalayini, Damayanti, Savithri and Swarchala who had undergone extreme sacrifice to preserve their chastity.

Sri Mnajakkudi Rajagopala Satrigal in his discourse referred to the Vedic mantra by which devotees daily prayed that they should listen and see only good every moring. By pleading one’s helplessness to God, one could obtain Divine guidance at the appropriate time. Having failed to locate sri sita in the entire island, Anjaneya became dejected but he appealed to God to give him the moral courage when suddenly appealed to God to give him the moral courage when suddenly it dawned on him that he should search the sokavana. He spotted the Divine Mother there kept in isolation, revealed his identity and provided Her the needed cheer.

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