Taurus Predictions 2021 | Vrishabha Rashi 2021 Horoscope



Taurus Horoscope 2021 as per Vedic Astrology reveals that throughout this year, Saturn will remain in your ninth house. With this, Rahu and Ketu will be in your first and seventh house respectively. At the same time, the red planet Mars will also be in your twelfth house in the beginning, and affect your third and fourth house while transiting between June 2 and September 6.

Due to the transit of Jupiter between the first week of April and mid-September, Jupiter would aspect your fourth house. With this, the transit of Venus will be in your own sign from May 4 to May 28, which will affect your Ascendant or first house. Along with this, Sun and Mercury will also activate different houses of your zodiac sign this year while being in their transitional process. With this, you will incur the support of luck in your career. You will get a promotion in your job.

Merchants and businessmen will also get good results based on their hard work. However, the outcomes in their financial life will be slightly less fortunate, because you may have to undergo financial crisis during this period. However, chances of increase in money will arise in between, and by utilizing these Chances will help you to overcome from your financial crisis. Time will be a little hard for the students as indicated by planetary placements and movements.

At the beginning of the year, you will have to work harder to incur good results in academic life as per Yearly Horoscope 2021, but gradually situations will change. With this, students will get the opportunity to study abroad. Happiness in family life will decrease, but the atmosphere will become cheerful due to some auspicious event being performed in the family. Some problems with the life partner may arise in the marital life as per Astrology Predictions 2021, which will lead to an increase in your mental stress.

If you love someone, then the time is good for you. Due to the support of your beloved, you will be able to perform better at your office. But you have to properly take care of your health, because the presence of the snake deities Rahu and Ketu can affect your health.

Written by – R.HARISHANKAR

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