Vyasa Purnima, Guru Pournami (Veda Vyasa Poornima)

Vyasa Purnima (Veda Vyas Poornima) or Guru Pournami is one of the most auspicious purnima days as per the Hinduism. In 2017, Vyas Purnima or Guru Pournami date is July 9. Some scriptures described that on Ashada Poornima day, Vyasa completed writing and editing the compilations of Chaturvedas. Thus, Ashada Poornima is also called as Vyas […]

Vyasa Jayanti 2020 | Veda Vyasa Jayanthi

Vyasa Jayanti or Veda Vyasa Jayanthi is the birth anniversary of Sage Vyasa. He is known as the author of Mahabharata, and all Chaturvedas (four Vedas). Veda Vyasa Jayanti is celebrated on Vaishkha Shukla Chaturdashi, 14th day in Vaishakh month. In 2020, Veda Vyasa Jayanthi date is May 5. This festival is mainly observed in […]