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varahi devi

Varahi Deviis one among the seven mother goddesses in the Hindu religion. With the head of a boar, Varahi is the female aspect of Varaha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. Varahi is worshipped by the Hindus throughout India and by the Buddhist people in a different name. Her origin was found in ancient vedas and […]

Varahi Sahasranamam, 1000 Names of Goddess Varahi Devi

Varahi Sahasranamam is the list of 1000 names of Goddess Varahi Devi. Varahi Mata is one of the Saptamatrika Devatas, Seven Divine Mothers. Varahi Sahasranamam….. 1 Om Im Kloum Vaarahyai Nama : 2 Om Im Kloum Vamanyai Nama : 3 Om Im Kloum Vamayai Nama : 4 Om Im Kloum Bagalaayai Nama : 5 Om […]

Goddess Varahi | Shakti of Lord Varaha Swamy

varahi devi

Goddess Varahi is one of the Saptamatrikas (the seven divine goddesses) who derives her name from Varaha, one of the ten incarnations of Lord Vishnu. Goddess Varahi Devi is seen as the feminine energy of Lord Vishnu and holds the same weapons as him. Some puranas also interpret Goddess Varahi as being the energy of […]

Maha Varahi Ashtottara Sathanamavali, 108 Names of Varahi Devi

Maha Varahi Ashtottara Shatanamavali is the list of 108 names of Goddess Varahi Devi. Varahi Devi is one of the Saptamatrika Goddesses, Seven divine mothers. Here is the Maha Varahi Ashtottara Shatanamavali lyrics…. 1 OM Namo Varaaha Vadanaayai Nama: 2 OM Namo Vaaraahyai Nama: 3 OM Vara Rupinyai Nama: 4 OM Krodaana Naaya Nama: 5 […]