Vanagauri Vratham | Vanagauri Shashti Puja

Vanagauri Vratham (Vanagauri Shashti Puja) is an auspicious day to perform Vanagauri Puja. In 2021, Vanagauri Vratham date is June 16. It falls on Shukla Paksha Shashti in Jyeshta Month as per Hindu calendar.¬†Vanagauri Mata is believed as the ruler of Vana (Forests). She safeguards forests and the living beings in the forests. This puja […]

Aranya Sashti | Aranyaka Shashti Vrat

Aranya Sashti (Aranyaka Shashti vrat) is an auspicious austerity observed on Sashti in Shukla Paksha (sixth day in bright half) in Jyeshta month as per Hindu lunar calendars. In 2020, Aranya Sashti date is May 28. This vrata is dedicated to the Goddess of woods and forest. Aranya Sashti is also known as Aranya Gauri […]