Vaigasi Masam 2021 | Vaikasi Month in Tamil Panchangam

Vaigasi month or Vaigasi masam is the second month in traditional Tamil calendar followed in Tamil Nadu. Vaikasi month is dedicated to Lord Vishnu and many temple festivals are celebrated during the month. In 2021, Vaigasi month begins on May 15 and ends on June 14. Vaigasi month in 2021 corresponds with Vaishakh month and […]

Vaikasi Visakam 2019 | Vaigasi Vishakam festival

Vaikasi Visakam is a grand festival of Tamil Nadu which marks the first appearance day of Lord Muruga, Subramanya or Shanmuga. In 2019, Vaikasi Visakam date is 18 May. Vaikasi Visakam is celebrated on Visakam Nakshatram day in Vaigasi masam or Vaikasi month in Tamil Panchangam. Vaikasi Visakam is observed in a grand manner in […]