Panchanga Shravanam 2018-2019 | Ugadi Mundane Astrology Predictions 2018-2019

Panchanga Shravanam 2018-2019, Ugadi Mundane Astrology Predictions 2018-2019.. Here is the Ugadi Panchanga Sravanam 2018-2019 and Mundane astrology predictions for Vilamba nama samvatsaram. Ugadi, Telugu New Year and Kannada New Year day or the first day in Chaitra month, onsets the New Year for Andhra Pradesh, Telangana and Karnataka. 2018 Ugadi is known as Sri Vilamba nama […]

Jaya Nama Samvatsara 2014-2015 Navanayaka Phala Predictions

Sri Jaya nama samvatsara (2014-2015) Hindu year starts on Chaitra Pratipada (first day in Chaitra month). Ugadi or Gudi Padwa (31 March 2014) marks the beginning of new Hindu year. The navanayaka phala are the results of predictions based on the planetary positions during the year. Each planet of Navagraha provides different result. Chandra (Moon) is the King (Raja) […]