Goddess Durga Sand Sculpture by Tarani Misro

Tarani Misro has made a sand sculpture of Goddess Durga on the occasion of Navratri Durga Puja. Tarani is a renowned sand sculptor of Srikakulam district, Andhra Pradesh. He also wishes all devotees a Happy Navratri and Happy Durga Puja. He designed and made hundreds of sand sculptures for Hindu festivals such as – Ugadi, […]

Mother’s Day Sand Sculptures

Tarani Misro has designed Mother’s Day Sand Scriptures on the occasion of Mother’s Day (13 May 2012). Tarani Prasad Misro is one of the popular sand sculptors from South India. He hails from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. Mother’s Day is a celebration that honors mothers and motherhood. It is celebrated on various days in […]

Happy New Year 2012 Sand Sculptures

Tarani Prasad Misro has designed the sand sculptures on the occasion of Happy New Year 2012 (as per Gregorian calendar / English calendar). Tarani is a popular sand sculpture from South India, originally hails from Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh. On this occasion, Hindupad wishes Tarani Prasad Misro and all other visitors of the blog, […]

Kanipakam Ganapati, Shivalinga Ganapathi and Face of Ganesha sand sculptures by Tarani Misro

Tarani Misro, renowned sand sculptor based in Andhra Pradesh, has made sand sculptures of Kanipakam Ganapati, Shivalinga Ganapathi (Ganesha on Shivling), and Face of Ganesha. He made these sculptures for last year’s Ganesh Chaturthi. The sculptures were displayed in Sriram Nagar, Narsarao Pet, Guntur district of Andhra Pradesh during Ganesh Navaratri celebrations. It is to […]

65th Independence Day Sand Sculptures, Sand Art works for Svatantra Divas 2011

As Bharat (India) turns 65 years on 15 August 2011, famous sand artists of India: Tarani Misro of Andhra Pradesh & Sudarsan Pattnaik of Orissa have created sand sculptures with different themes. Tarani Misro created a sand sculpture which displays the tri-colored flag with a quotation – “India @65”. Talking to Hindupad, Tarani said that […]

Ugadi 2011 Sand Sculpture by Tarani Misro

Tarani Misro, famous sand sculptor and artist has made a wonderful Ugadi sand sculpture for Khara nama samvatsaram (2011-2012). He made it today in L.N. Peta in Srikakulam district along the banks of Nagavali River in Andhra Pradesh. Also celebrated as Telugu New Year and Kannada New Year, Ugadi marks the beginning of Vasant Navratri […]

Lord Jagannath sand sculpture and oil painting by Tarani Misro

Tarani Misro, a famous sand sculptor from South India, made a beautiful sand sculpture and an oil painting of Lord Jagannath of Puri. “I made these on the occasion of Puri Jagannath Rath Yatra.” Says Tarani talking to Hindupad. Basically from a remote village in Srikakulam district of Andhra Pradesh, he had drawn number of […]