Swarochisha Manu: Story of the Second Manu

Swarochisha Manu’s story was far more interesting. Once King Swarochi he was wandering in a forest aimlessly and heard a desperate female voice in great anguish as though was being chased. Soon enough, the female appeared and requested Swarochi to save her by a demon; she said that she knew some ‘Astras’or Mantrik Arrows from […]

Swarochisha Manvantara (Second Manvantara)

Swarochisha Manvantara was the second Manvantara, named after Swarochisha Manu. Swarochish Manu had four sons namely Nabh, Nabhasya, Prasriti and Bhavan. Tushit was the prominent deity of this second manvantar. Dattatreya, Atri, Chyavan, Stanba, Pran, Kashyapa and Brihaspati were the saptarishis of this manvantar. Each manvantara is ruled over by a Manu. In the present […]