Swarochisha Manu: Story of the Second Manu

Swarochisha Manu’s story was far more interesting. Once King Swarochi he was wandering in a forest aimlessly and heard a desperate female voice in great anguish as though was being chased. Soon enough, the female appeared and requested Swarochi to save her by a demon; she said that she knew some ‘Astras’or Mantrik Arrows from her dead father and he could save her from the Danava who was chasing her.

Swarochi then killed the Danava and a grateful female narrated her story: her name was Manorama and along with her friends Vibhavari and Kalavati wandered in a forest and offended a Muni while in his meditation.

The Muni cursed Manorama an Apsara to descend to Earth and her friends to become as lepers. When the Apsaras begged of the Muni, the latter agreed that a brave youth would be chased by a Danava and the curses of the Muni would be reversed. Incidentally, the Danava who was killed was Manorama’s own father! Swarochi married Manorama but she was unhappy that her companions remained as lepers.

Swarochi cured both Vibhavari and Kalavati of their leprosy by his knowledge of herbal medicines. A grateful Vibhavari said that she was a Gandharva Kanya ( unwed) and that she could teach Swarochi the language of animals provided that he would agree to marry her.

Kalavati also offered to teach him the ‘Padmini Vidya’ the art of learning the way to abundant Prosperity that was taught by Devi Parvati herself when Kalavati wanted to commit self-immolation as her father died of a thunderbolt. Thus Swarochi was fortunate to wed three celestial damsels in a row!

Incidentally, Padmini Vidya denotes Eight Sources of Wealth viz. Padma or investments in precious metals used for charities, Maha Padma or wealth from high value acquisitions leading to large scale deeds like Yagnas, Makara or prosperity involving famous deeds like battles, Kacchapa is the wealth that is land based to be utilised for Dharma Karyas or Deeds of Virtue, Mukunda is wealth emerging from Fine Arts leading to fulfillment of life, Nandaka is that kind of wealth utilised for social functions, Neela is that source of wealth involving Dhanya, Vastra and such other transactions and Shankha is the wealth for one’s own family.

Having lived happily for six hundred years, King Swarochi one day went a hunting spree and witnessed a female deer being chased by a boar; the King tried to kill the boar but the deer begged him to kill it instead but he disagreed since she was defenseless.

As she insisted to kill her on mercy grounds so that she would be able to marry a handsome person in her next birth, he asked as to who that handsome could be and she replied coyly pointing to the King; the latter stated that it might not be possible. She then asked her to embrace her once and a miracle would happen by the Vana Devata or the Goddess of the Forest. The King embraced the deer and the deer delivered Swarochisha Manu.

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