Story: Kandu Maharashi and Pramalocha

There was a sage named Kandu. He had a hermitage on the banks of the Goutami Ganga. The ashrama was a beautiful place and Kandu performed very difficult tapasya there. In the summer Kandu meditated in the hot sun, in the monsoon he meditated on the wet ground, and in the winter he meditated dressed […]

Anayoottu in Sree Vadakkumnathan Temple, Thrissur, Kerala

‘Anayoottu’ is an annual festival celebrated at Sree Vadakkumnathan Temple, Thrissur in Kerala. In 2013, Anayoottu date is July 17. Anayoottu is a festival dedicated to elephants. It means a ‘feast for elephants’. It is celebrated in Karkidakam Month (Ramayana Masam – Panja Masam) as per Kerala calendar. Devotees believe that worshipping Lord Ganesa will ward […]