Ramayan Manka 108 | Shri Ram Manka 108 (Raghupati Raghav Rajaram, Patitha Pavan Sitaram)

Ramayan Manka 108 (Ram Manka 108) is a prayer comprising 108 verses / stanzas dedicated to Lord Shri Ram and Ramayana. Reciting it daily or on Tuesday or Saturday will make you free from all sorrows in life. Lord Shri Rama blesses you all with health, happiness and prosperity. रघुपति राघव राजाराम । पतितपावन सीताराम […]

Ramadasu Keerthanalu MP3 Free Download, Bhakta Ramadasu Keethanas

You can download Ramadasu Keerthanalu MP3 songs here for free. Bhakta Ramadasu, also known as Kancharla Gopanna, is the saint poet who wrote, composed, and sung hundreds of Keerthans dedicated to Lord Sri Rama of Bhadrachalam. Bhadrachalam Sri Sitaramachandra swamy temple was constructed by him during the reign of Tanisha, the ruler of Golconda (today’s […]

Sri Rama Hrudayam MP3 Audio Download

Sri Rama Hrudayam is a great prayer dedicated to Lord Sri Rama which is mentioned in Adhyathma Ramayana. Here you can download the MP3 Audio of Sri Rama Hrudayam for free. It is a discussion between Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati about the godliness and human nature of Sri Ramachandra swamy. Download Sri Rama Hrudayam […]

Sri Rama Mangalam MP3, Sri Rama Aarti MP3 Audio download

Sri Rama Mangalam or Sri Rama Aarati or Mangal Aarti is a prayer chanted after performing Sri Rama Puja. Here you can download Sri Rama Mangalam MP3 or the audio song of Sri Rama Aarti for free. Sri Rama Mangal Aarti is chanted at the end of Ram pujan. Sri Ram Navami is an auspicious […]