Shubh Muhurat in February 2021 | Auspicious days, Auspicious Timings

Here is the list of Auspicious days and Auspicious Timings in February 2021 (Shubh din and Shubh Muhurat in February 2021). This list of General Auspicious Timings are not for any specific ritual or ritual such as Marriage or Gruhapravesh but for general activities. For any specific ritual or celebration, you can check ‘Shubh Muhurat‘. […]

Kua Pujan Muhurat 2021 | Jal Pujan Muhurat

Kua Pujan Muhurat (Jal Pujan Muhurat) is an auspicious timing for ‘Jal Pujan’ which is performed after child birth asaucham (Purudu). According to traditions of many castes and sections, Kua Pujan is performed to conclude the Asaucham of child birth in a family. Here, we are giving some muhurat for Kua Pujan, so that you […]

Aksharabhyasam 2021 Muhurthams | Auspicious days for Vidyarambham, Best dates for Akshara Sweekaram

Aksharabhyasam 2021 Muhurthams, Auspicious days for Vidyarambham 2021, Best dates for Akshara Sweekaram 2021.. Aksharabhyasam, Vidyarambham or Akshara Sweekaram (Akshara Srikaram, Ezhuthiniruthu), is a Hindu rituals observed for initiating children into education and the world of alphabets. ‘Om Hari Sri Ganapathaye Namah’ is the vidyarambham mantra written on sand or on rice and the child […]

Engagement Ceremony dates in 2021 | Sakharpuda 2021, Nischithartham, Sagai Muhurat dates in 2021, Marriage Proposal dates

Marriage Engagement ceremony (‘Sakharpuda’ in Marathi, ‘Nischithartham’ in Telugu, ‘Sagai muhurat’ in Hindi, ‘Ashirwad’ in Bengali, ‘Waangnischay’) is the initiation of marriage celebrations in Hinduism. On this day, elders of the bride and bridegroom make an engagement of marriage between them and try to fix the vivah muhurat. Here is the list of some auspicious […]

Annaprashana in 2021 | Annoprashan or First Rice for Baby | Annaprasana Muhurat

Annaprasana, Feeding First Rice to Baby

Annaprashana, Annaprasana Vidhi, Annaprasan, Annaprasanam or Annoprashan are the various names for Feeding first rice for baby. This ritual is celebrated on the occasion of child’s first intake of food other than milk. During Annaprasana, elders and the parents of the child play a game with the child by giving him a tray containing a […]

Upanayanam dates 2021 | Upanayana Muhurthas 2021 | Yagnopavitha Muhurat

Upanayanam, also known as Yagnopavitha Dharana, the sacred thread ceremony is the highly auspicious event in a Brahmin’s life. Upanayanam is known as Upanayanam in Malayalam, Punal in Tamil, Odugu or Upanayanamu in Telugu, Upanayana or Munji in Kannada, Janeu in Hindi, Munja in Marathi, Munji in Konkani, Lagundeoni in Assamese, Uponayon in Bengali, Brata […]

Godh Bharai Muhurat 2021 | Auspicious days for Baby Shower in 2021

Godh Bharai is an auspicious ceremony celebrated during pregnancy to bless the unborn baby. It is a welcome function of the unborn baby to the family. The mother-to-be will be blessed by elders, guests, relatives, friends and all other well-wishers for best health and safe pregnancy and healthy delivery of the baby. Godh Bharai is […]

Grihapravesh dates 2021 | Griha Pravesh Muhurat dates in 2021

Grihapravesh dates 2021, Griha Pravesh Muhurat dates in 2021.. Here are the Griha pravesh 2021 dates. Gruhapravesh, Grihapravesh, Gruhapravesham, Grah pravesh is the house warming ceremony or moving into new house as per Hinduism. Grihapravesha is the most important ceremony in the sequence of events for construction of a building. Entering a house for the […]

Griha Arambha Muhurtham 2021 dates | Neev Pujan Muhurat | Starting of New House Construction

Griha Arambha Muhurtham 2021 dates, Auspicious Timings for Starting New House Construction are listed here.. This post brings you the detailed muhurtham like date, day, Tithi, Nakshatra, Lagna along with the Shubha Muhurtham (auspicious timing) for Griha Arambha.. Auspicious days for Bhumi Pujan Auspicious Nakshatrams for Bhumi Poojan Auspicious days for Mesha Rashi (Aries) Auspicious days […]

Devata Pratishta Muhurat 2021 | Auspicious days for Murti Sthapana Muhurat 2021

Devata Pratishta Muhurat gives detailed information on auspicious days and timings for installation of deities of any God or Goddess (Murti Sthapana). These muhurat can also be considered for Jalayashaya Arambh (beginning of building reservoirs), Taalab Aarambh (beginning the construction of temple ponds), Bawdi arambh, Kua arambh, etc,. For Satvik Devi Devata Murti Sthapana, Uttarayan […]

Shubh Muhurat in January 2022 | Auspicious days, Auspicious Timings

Here is the list of Auspicious days and Auspicious Timings in January 2022 (Shubh din and Shubh Muhurat in January 2022). This list of General Auspicious Timings are not for any specific ritual or ritual such as Marriage or Gruhapravesh but for general activities. For any specific ritual or celebration, you can check ‘Shubh Muhurat‘. […]

Rudraksha Dharana Muhurat 2021 | Auspicious days to wear Rudraksha beads


‘Rudraksha Dharana Muhurat’ details the auspicious days and auspicious timings to wear Rudraksha. We need to wear any Rudraksha at auspicious day, auspicious tithi, auspicious Nakshatra, auspicious Yoga, etc,. In ancient times beads were available with faces ranging from 1 to 108. Now number of mukh or the faces found is in between 2 to […]

Prasuti Snan Muhurat 2021 | Sutika Snan Muhurat

Prasuti Snan Muhurat is an auspicious muhurat set for Sutika Snan (ritual bath for the woman who gave birth to child). Sutika Snan is generally performed after a week from the birth of the child. It clears off the Asoucham (relative impurity) of birth-giving women. The Asoucham comes with the birth is known as Jatha […]

Nomination Filing Muhurat 2021 | Election Nomination Filing Shubh Muhurat

Filing nomination papers is the beginning of election process for those who contest elections. The muhurat for filing of nomination papers is of great importance. Last year, the elections were held for many state legislative assembly elections. The tenure of the state legislative assembly of Meghalaya, Nagaland, Tripura, Karnataka, Mizoram, Rajasthan, Chhattisgarh, Madhya Pradesh, Telangana […]

Exam Muhurat 2021 | Auspicious days for Online Exams | Best Time to Submit Exam Applications

‘Exam Muhurat’ gives details about the auspicious days and auspicious timings for application for competitive examinations, online examinations, and other examinations or interviews which can be fixed by the will, wish and the convenience of the candidate / student. To submit applications for competitive examinations, the candidate can refer the auspicious timings based on Shubh […]

Business Muhurat 2021 | Auspicious dates & Time for Starting Business in 2021

Business Muhurat or Vipani Muhurat is an auspicious time for starting business. Here is the list best Businesss Muhurtha in 2021 for starting business and extending it. These muhurtham dates are calculated by standard Panchangams of India. The Nakshatra (star), lagnam (Ascendent), and the time for best vipani muhurtha are given in the list of […]