Shravan Somavar Vrat, Sawan Somvar Vrata: Lord Shiva Puja on Mondays in Sawan Month

Sawan Somvar Vrat (Shravan Somvar Vrata) is an observance dedicated to Lord Shiva during the month of Shravan (July – August). Shravan Somwar Vrat 2019 dates in North Indian Hindi panchang are: July 22, July 29, August 5 and August 12. In Marathi, Kannada, Gujarati, and Telugu Panchangam Shravana Somvar vrat 2019 dates are: August 5, […]

Shravana Somavara Vratham Puja Vidhanam

Lord Shiva

How to do Shravana Somavara Vratham (Puja Vidhanam / procedure of Shravana Somavara Pooja)? Shravana Somavara Vratham includes – Shravana Shiva puja and upavasam. Lord Shiva is known as Bhola Shankara or Bhakta Sulabha which means the one who blesses his devotees for just a simple puja or vratham. Those who worship Lord Shiva with their mind […]