Shukla Yajur Shravani 2022

Shukla Yajur Shravani is observed in Shravan month by some Brahmin communities in Maharashtra, Goa, and some parts of Gujarat. In 2022, Shukla Yajur Shravani date is 11 August. On the Hasta Nakshatra in Shravan month, Rig Hiranyakesi Sravani ritual is observed.┬áThe other Shravani ritual is Rig Shukla Yajur Taittariya Shravani. It is observed on […]

13 August 2021, Nag Panchami

13 August 2021 is Nag Panchami, Nagula Panchami, Nagara Panchami. It is a day which is auspicious for Naga Puja, worship of Serpent Gods & Goddesses. Garuda Panchami is also observed today. It falls on Shukla Paksha Panchami in Shravan month. On Naga Panchami day, Kalki Jayanti (first appearance day of Kalki Avatar of Lord […]