Radha | Mata Radharani | Radhe

Radha also called as Radhika, Radhe, Madhavi, Keshavi, Raseshwari, Kishori, Shyama and Radharani, is a popular goddess and worshipped along with Lord Krishna throughout the world. She is regarded as the consort of Lord Krishna. Radharani is an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the head of the milkmaids. And her birthday is celebrated as […]

Ma Radha Rani | Greatest Devotee of Lord Krishna

Ma Radha Rani also called as Radhika, is a staunch devotee and a friend to Lord Krishna at Vrindavan. She is also worshiped as a goddess of love and affection. She was the chief among the female cowherds, who are known as Gopikas. She expressed her love and affection in a different style, and even […]

Radha Rani Temple, Barsana

Ma Radha Rani is the pure devotee of Lord Krishna, and she loved Lord Krishna very much, which cannot be expressed in words. Sometimes due to his thoughts, she used to forget about herself and about the surroundings. She can be considered even superior to the wives of Lord Krishna with regard to her devotion, […]