Jagrat Gauri Panchami 2022

Jagrat Gauri Panchami is an auspicious Vrat dedicated to Gauri Maa. It is mainly observed in Odisha state. In 2022, Jagrat Gauri Panchami Vrat date is August 2. It falls on Panchami in Shukla Paksha of Shravan Month in Odia calendar. In other parts of India, on the same day, Nag Panchami and Garuda Panchami […]

Samba Dashami 2022 | Samba Dasami or Surya Puja in Odisha

Samba Dashami vrat, also known as Surya Puja, is observed on the 10th day in Shukla Paksha in Pausha Month in Odisha. In 2022, Samba Dashami date or Surya Puja date is January 12. This festival is dedicated to Surya Bhagwan, mainly observed in Odisha. Legends or Samba Dasami Vrat Katha say that Samba, the […]

Nath Panchami

Nath Panchami is observed mainly in Odisha in Ashwin Month as per Odiya Panji. In 2021, Nath Panchami date is October 10. It is not a popular Vrat and have no mention in Puranas or any other ancient scriptures. Nath Panchami falls on fifth day of Shukla Paksha in Ashwin Month – Ashwin Shukla Panchami […]

Mahadev Vivah 2022 in Odisha

Mahadev Vivah (Mahadev Bibah Panchami) is the auspicious day on which the wedding of Lord Mahadev (Shiva) and Goddess Parvati is observed in Odisha. In 2022, Mahadev Vivah date is June 4. Sitala Sasthi is a famous carnival in Sambalpur in Odisha. The carnival was started more than 400 years ago. Mahadev Vivah One nominated […]

Guru Panchami Vrata

Guru Panchami Vrata is an auspicious Vrata observed in Jyeshta Month. It is mainly observed in Bengal, Odisha and other Eastern parts of India. In 2019, Guru Panchami Vrata date is June 7. According to the Hindu calendar, Guru Panchami Vrata is observed on Panchami in Shukla Paksha of Jyeshta Month (Fifth day of bright half […]

Odiya Festivals 2010 – Major Oriya Festivals in June and July 2010

Orissa, the land of Puri Jagannath, celebrates various Hindu festivals throughout the year. Oriya festivals may vary drastically from other parts of India. In 2010 June and July months, numerous festivals are celebrated in Orissa. Jalakrida Ekadasi, Raja Sankranti, and Jagannath Purnima are the important festivals in June 2010. Puri Jagannath Rathyatra, Bahuda Yatra, Hari […]